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The Bolles Fund 10 Reasons

1. No fundraisers for post-season travel

2. Improvements we need now...repairing the bulkhead

3. Exceptional professional development experiences for faculty

4. Inspirational visits from guest artists and authors like Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise an Adult

5. Opportunities to pledge now and pay later

6. Ways to designate your funds to programs you love

7. Environmental and Economical best practices like replacing stadium lights with LED

8. Academic, artistic and athletic resources that make learning and training more effective

9. A cushion for unforeseen expenses and means for unexpected opportunities

10. Affiliation with one of the most important and committed supporters at Bolles...people who love the school and believe in its mission.

Bolles Fund Logo 20-21

Be The Gift!

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