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Llura "Lulie" Liggett Gund


Llura "Lulie" Liggett Gund smiling


Llura “Lulie” Liggett Gund ’58 Bartram was an extraordinary alumna who lived a life defined by service and generosity — her legacy leaves an indelible impression on our Bolles community.

Phase 2 of this exciting institutional development expands the existing second floor dorms to the south wing of Bolles Hall. These new second floor spaces will double our female boarding capacity. 

The second floor of the south wing will be named Lulie Hall and will be renovated to garner an additional 30 living spaces for the girls’ boarding program as well as a large common area

Gordon Gund, Grant Gund and Macarena Padilla Palazio '23 posing in a dorm room

PICTURE LEFT: Mr. Gordon Gund (middle) and son Grant Gund enjoy a tour given by Macarena Padilla Palazio ’23 on the Phase I opening dedication of Gund Hall on October 29, 2021.

Gund Residence Hall-Floorplan