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Giving Day 2020


#GivingTuesday: Support and Encourage Your Bulldogs!

We have asked students to show us how their creativity and philanthropic mindset can leverage group participation! This promises to be an empowering experience that will help students become better philanthropic advocates for their future passions in life .

Here’s their challenge:

  • The fund will give Bolles $25,000 if we get 200 or more donors to give online – TODAY – on #GivingTuesday. The amount is irrelevant. Participation is the goal.
  • Once our #GivingTuesday goal is achieved and we receive the $25,000 gift, students will have the opportunity to vote on where they would like the funding to go.  Bolles President and Head of School Tyler Hodges will provide three critical areas of need within the School and students will be able to vote for their selection.

This hinges on participation and is a today only opportunity! Share with your friends on social media, text and DM. Give today – $5, $10 or whatever you can—just rally as many participants as possible to make a gift online. Parents, if you’d like to support the mission, you are welcome to do so! Click the donate now button below. Thanks for being part of this important team mission and advancing your personal strengths in giving!