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Thank you to all the generous donors
who made Giving Day a huge success.
We are so grateful for you!

It's not too late to add to this list of Bolles love!

Give Today

  • 94 donors have provided additional financial assistance for our current families totaling $26,861
  • 19 donors donated to the Endowment for Financial Assistance for children of Alumni in the amount of $19,138 which will be matched by an anonymous Alumnus bringing the total donation to the endowment of $38,276 
  • Total Giving Day $65,137
Anonymous Donor
Dr. Cynthia Anderson In Honor of Tyler Hodges, Jack Fitch, Dean Hilf, Janet Robinson, Michael Mulvey, James Smith, Elizabeth Brown, John Gwynes, Jennifer Gomez, Drew Upchurch    
Mr. and Mrs. Jeptha F. Barbour      
Mr. Reza Barikbin and Dr. Mariam Barikbin      
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Barton In Honor of Marley Barton '20    
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Bassin In Honor of Gabriel A. Bassin '20    
Dr. Ahmed Bata and Dr. Mandana Davani In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. G. Etemadi    
Mr. Michael J. Bracken      
Dr. and Mrs. Sol G. Brotman In Honor of the Bolles Community    
Ms. Jessica Bryan Bolles 6th Grade Teachers    
Mr. and Mrs. S. Duane Bunn Jr. In Honor of Jordan A. Bunn '19 In Honor of Taylor C. Bunn '15 In Honor of Tony Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan T. Busby      
Ms. Dana Bussiere and Mr. Timothy Boutwell In Honor of the Bolles Advancement Team    
Dr. Lisa Cannada and Mr. Jeff Cannada In Honor of Bolles families impacted by COVID19    
Mrs. Linda Carpenter In Honor of Ava M. Mariotti '25    
Mr. and Mrs. John Carswell In Honor of Jennifer Miller Littrell '90 In Honor of Jack R. Clark '20  
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Catanese      
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Catlin      
Drs. Ali and Naela Chahlavi      
Drs. Jorge A. Chamorro and Norkis Lopez Del Rio In Honor of Education    
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Chanatry In Honor of Ali Chanatry Powers '05 In Honor of Michael  C. Chanatry '04 And their children - future Bolles students
Mr. Charles Y. Chen and Ms. Yan Zhang In Honor of Pam Hiller and Cathy McClure In Honor of Bolles Middle School  
Mr. Charles Y. Chen and Ms. Yan Zhang In Honor of Summer Anderson, Jessica Boylan, Yukari Braren, Chris Gebauer, James Kreis and Maggie Vance In Honor of Bolles Upper School  
Mr. Sean Coleman and Dr. Mae Coleman In Honor of Gabriel W. Coleman '24    
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Collie      
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Commander      
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cronk In Honor of Colson D. Cronk '20    
LCDR and Mrs. Robert Crosby USN (Ret)      
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Curran In Honor of all Bolles Faculty/Staff    
Dr. James M. Davis III      
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Davis Sr. In Honor of Andrew Dickson    
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Davis Sr. In Honor of Rachel Marionneaux    
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Davis Sr. In Honor of Sean Mullings    
Dr. and Mrs. Marcus DeCarvalho In Honor of Bolles' teachers and their perseverance during distance learning    
Dr. Summer J. Decker      
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Denmark      
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Duch In Memory of Elise Bush In Memory of Charles "Corky" Rogers  
Mr. Donald R. DuPree      
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Emerson In Honor of the legendary impact Bolles continues to make    
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Edmiston      
Mr. and Mrs. Courtland C. Eyrick      
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Fidanque      
Ms. Lydia N. Fixel In Honor of Alan Fixel    
Ms. Lydia N. Fixel In Memory of Charles "Corky" Rogers    
Mr. and Mrs. Edward George      
CAPT and Mrs. Patrick J. Gibbons      
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey S. Gibbons      
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Gillett      
Mr. Steven Gold and Dr. Katherine Gold In Honor of my four children    
Mr. Li Qun Gong and Ms. Ying Lu In Honor of Lutian "Jimmy" Gong '14    
Mr. and Mrs. Kristian D. Greene In Honor of Kristin Greene '21    
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Griffis      
Dr. Arun C. Gulani and Dr. Suparna H. Gulani In Honor of Yash A. Gulani '20    
Mr. Nabil K. Hanna and Dr. Aziza Nassar      
Dr. R. Reid Hanson      
Mr. and Mrs. Justin L. Hart      
Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Hayes In Honor of Spencer H. Hayes '15    
Mrs. Christiane G. Head In Honor of all my French students    
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hicks Jr. In Honor of front-line workers and all in need during COVID19 pandemic    
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler J. Hodges In Honor of Hannah E. Hodges '27 In Honor of Madalene G. Hodges '24  
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Hong Ting      
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Race Hoyt      
Mr. and Mrs. Joey P. Hudson      
Mr. and Mrs. Boris Jendruschewitz In Honor of Jessica Boylan In Honor of Tiffany Gonzalez  
Drs. Xu Jin and  Xueyu Xiang In Honor of Andrew Dickson    
Drs. Xu Jin and  Xueyu Xiang In Honor of Kathryn Halloran    
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Johnson      
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Joos In Honor of Megan Nagy In Honor of Martin Coyne  
Drs. Gary and Patty Josephson      
Mr. and Mrs. Nader A. Jubran      
Dr. and Mrs. J. Knox Kerr III      
Mr. and Mrs. Sarath K. Kuravi      
Ms. Laura C. Lane We are Bolles Blessed    
Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Lansaw In Honor of Jacob E. Lansaw '20    
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Lantzy In Honor of Eva G. Lantzy '25    
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot N. Lewis In Honor of Eliana N. Lewis '32 In Honor of Alisa Lewis In Honor of Amalia Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Willie A. Little In Honor of Ezekiel F. Ansley '25 In Honor of Reginald F. Ansley Jr. '29  
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas V. Lucas In Honor of Carol Imfeld    
Mr. Sidney Madison Sr. and Ms. Serrenna Upson-Madison In Honor of Breeland I. Madison '23    
Mr. Donald A. Manns Jr.      
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Marinatos In Honor of John Marinatos '24    
Mr. and Mrs. Everton A. McHayle In Honor of Anyone in Need    
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Meadows In Honor Darden C. Brown '24    
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Meadows In Honor of Cathy McClure    
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg C. Milo In Honor of Joseph P.R. Milo '04 In Honor of Colin M. Milo '15  
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo J. Morales Jr.      
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Morales III      
Ms. Marcia Nelson In Honor of Dylan M. Nelson '26 In Honor of Samantha J. Nelson '24  
Dr. and Mrs. Kent C. New      
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Nimitz In Honor of Claire E. Nimitz '33    
Mr. and Mrs. Conor C. O'Leary      
Mr. and Mrs. Derek O'Leary      
Dr. Jong Yun Park and Ms. Song Ah Shim      
Drs. Prith and Mariette Peiris      
Ms. Barbara A. Pickett      
Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Posick In Honor of Dalton L. Posick '20    
Mr. Michael L. Puldy      
Mr. Azad H. Rafat and Ms. Gemma Florida In Honor of Soraya A. Rafat '20    
Dr. Ramez Taher and Ms. Etleva Iliazi In Honor of the Bolles Community    
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reisman      
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Roberts In Honor of Leila A. Roberts '21    
Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Sawyer      
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Schwartz In Honor of all Bolles Middle School Teachers    
Mr. and Mrs. R.  Dean Scott      
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Segal      
Dr. Mohamed E. Shaalan and Dr. Dalia M. Elramady In Honor or Salma Shaalan '20    
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Singleton      
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skrzydlewski In Honor of Coach Mike Barrett    
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Stam      
Mrs. James Stevenson In Honor of Anne Harvey Mundin '22 In Honor of Elizabeth Townsend Mundin '23  
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Strain II In Honor of Carol Imfeld In Honor of Jeni Imfeld Strain '98 In Honor of Amy Imfeld Coles '98
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gregory Stroud      
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Stubbs      
Mrs. Catherine R. Stupski In Honor of Peggy Campbell-Rush In Honor of Carol Imfeld  
Mr. Bruce W. Talcott      
Ms. Maria E. Tracy In Honor of Will and Ashley Grace's teachers    
Ms. Keri Kanehl Trevett In Honor of Mollie C. Trevett '31    
Mr. Ryan R. Trevett      
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Turner In Honor of Daniel Nesmith '21    
Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Turney Jr.      
Mr. and Mrs. T. Allen Tyre Jr. In Honor of West M. Tyre '20    
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tyrrell      
Dr. Geeta Udoshi      
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Valetutto In Honor of Lexi N. Vaccarello '28 In Honor of all Bolles Parents  
Mr. Taylor C. Vincent      
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Wallace      
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo D.S. Walton      
Ms. Dianna White      
Mr. Jeffrey N. Wiener In Honor of Madelyn H.B. Wiener '23    
Ms. Carol Deane Williams In Honor of Ryan D. Williams '06    
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wotiz      
Mr. and Mrs. Nader D. Yazgi In Honor of The Bolles Family    
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zvara In Honor of Carlisle Rose Zvara '33