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Global Learning and Engagement

Bolles Global Leaders at the United Nations

Bolles Global Leaders - Heartbeat in a Box
Global Entrepreneurship Challenge 2023- Bolles Global Leaders
Meet the Student Global Connections Committee
Tyler Hodges with Director of Global Learning & Engagement Natalia Aycart
September 30, 2021

Tyler Hodges with International Travel Program Coordinator Kristin Hong
September 8, 2022

Global Innovation Reshaping Bolles Academic Life

No three words describe today’s culture and climate of the Bolles experience than these: Innovation and global perspective. They characterize a lens through which learning is being filtered on all four Bolles campuses – in all areas of study and every field of interest.

“Our focus is maximizing and showcasing our strengths as an international, multicultural community and to expand our global reach, context and innovation,” said Bolles President and Head of School Tyler Hodges. “We want to make sure our students are prepared to thrive in an international marketplace – where they are familiar with cultural nuances, global education, international practices and opportunities to connect.

Natalia Aycart

Natalia Aycart

Director of Global Learning and Engagement
Email / (904) 256-5094