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Creating opportunities for student leadership is a priority of the Bolles Resident Life program. The Dorm Prefects are dedicated to improving campus and boarding life. They serve as mentors to the other boarding students, as well as the primary liaison between the boarding students and Resident Life staff. They assist with the coordination of activities, managing dorms and assisting younger students with the challenges of daily life in the boarding community. Consequently, they are expected to reflect the best of The Bolles School standards for personal conduct and leadership.

  • Participate in Prefect Orientation
  • Serve as Welcoming Committee for boarders. Greet new students, move items into rooms, give tours, help lead activities.
  • Weekend Activities committee (meet once a month): Help plan, coordinate and advertise weekend activities
  • Assist monitoring Study Hall
  • Perform dorm rounds
  • Meet regularly with the Director of Resident Life and members of the Resident Life staff to discuss student concerns
  • Help monitor chores and room inspections
  • Assist the Resident Life staff as needed

2022-23 Prefects

Sophie Benkusky

Sophie Benkusky '23

Stefano Bonati

Stefano Bonati '23

Alicia Angelone Lopez

Alicia Angelone López '23

Kevin Wolfe

Kevin Wolfe '23