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International Students

Bolles is a diverse community comprising students from all over the world. The boarding program is a key component to providing both day and resident students an opportunity to experience new cultures and broaden their view of the world around them.

The Language Transition
International students who attend Bolles are expected to have a working knowledge of English. For those students who are not fluent, the School offers English as a Second Language (ESL) instead of or in addition to standard English courses. Fluency will come as a result of immersion into this culture. To encourage language acquisition, international students are placed, whenever possible, with English-speaking roommates.

ESL Summer Program
The class also attends daily lessons in the language lab, where they engage in formal and informal conversations. They listen to a variety of materials, from daily conversations to radio shows to academic lectures. Incorporated into these lessons is American culture and traditions, with students listening to lectures on the concepts of the idea of family, the system of education, and the demographics of the United States. These lectures are also a part of the Academic Skills component of the program. In the area of Academic Skills students are introduced to those skills necessary for a successful experience in the American system of education. Students work on note-taking, formal academic writing, oral presentations, and on seminar-style discussion. Material from a variety of sources—newspaper, history books, science lectures, etc. serve as the backdrop for this work.