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Five-Day Boarding

Bolles offers both five- and seven-day boarding options — the five-day option is open to ninth through twelfth grade students living within 60 driving miles of the San Jose Campus. The seven-day option is open to students in Grades 9-12.

Five Reasons to Enroll in the 5-Day Boarding Program at Bolles

1. Enjoy the camaraderie, fellowship and multi-cultural experience of dorm living with other resident life students from all over the world
2. Participate in school activities, sports and clubs without the demands of driving home late on weeknights — therefore, getting to school work sooner
3. Learn to independently manage time and studies in preparation of the college experience
4. Gain additional guidance in school and life from caring and supportive residential life staff
5. Balance the benefits of residential life while spending weekends at home

For more information, contact Mark Frampton, Director of Upper School and Boarding Admission via email or call (904) 256-5030.