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Opponent Date Time Location Details
Nease, Providence
Bolles- San Jose Campus View Recap
Gulliver Prep
Bolles- San Jose Campus View Recap
Plapp Invitational
Bolles- San Jose Campus Details
Buchholz View Recap
Berkeley Prep
Bolles- San Jose Campus View Recap
Lake Highland Prep
Bolles- San Jose Campus View Recap
Pine Crest
Pine Crest View Recap
Woodson Invitational
Pine Crest Details
Senior Night, Bishop Kenny
Bolles- San Jose Campus View Recap
20th Annual Carey Hilliard's Invite in Savannah
Districts-Diving @ Bolles; Swimming @ Episcopal
View Recap
Bolles- San Jose Campus Details
State in Stuart
Time Trial
Bolles- San Jose Campus Details


2018 Girls Swimming and Diving team
2018 Boys Swimming and Diving team
Name Grade
Ellie Anderson 11
Immanuel Ayangoke 12
Gul Bansal 10
Ava Bates 11
Louie Body 9
Dan Bowen 11
Alex Breuer 9
Jenny Chen 10
Zackary Cheung 9
Laurel Coppedge 6
Bianti Danaj 11
Camila David de Souza Batista 12
Joao de Barros Nascimento 12
Bianca de Toledo Piza 10
Leah DeGeorge 11
Bianca DeGrado 10
Paul DeGrado 12
Alexiya Downer 6
Summer Elsafty 11
Noah Emerson 12
Anneliese Foltz 10
Elise Fong 11
Neo Garcia Nohra 11
Kara Gavin 11
Maura Geuy 11
Adrian Grant 12
Krissi Greene 10
Gary Groud Groudsky 9
Jack Hattery 11
Jack He 10
Miles Herman 12
Harry Herrera 9
Megan Howard 9
Danis Khizriev 11
Ashley Khoo 11
Faith Khoo 10
Jackson Kirk 11
Johanna Kohleisen 12
April Kupsky 11
Avery Lambert 9
Nicholas Lee 11
Diana Lewis 12
Sean Longley 9
Jose Lopez 10
Cobi Lopez Miro 12
Emily MacDonald 10
Zach Makari 10
Lleyton Martin 11
Yuki Matsudaira 10
Megan McGrath 9
Ansen Meyer 10
Jafet Morales 10
Macarena Padilla Palazio 8
Eva Piernas 12
Jacob Pishko 10
Rafael Ponce de Leon Castilla 11
Ashley Rabinovich 12
Sasha Ramey 10
Adair Sand 11
Kai Sastra 12
Marley Schickel 12
Carly Schwab 11
Meghan Shaffer 10
Gri Stocco 12
Evaristo Suarez Eichelmann 9
Kathryn Teofilo 11
Ethan Thomas 12
Lauren Thomas 10
Avery Turner 9
Nicolas Vermiglio 12
Jack Wessell 12
Miguel Wesson 11
Alex Zorn 9

Coaching Staff

Peter VerhoefPeter Verhoef
Head Swim Coach and Aquatics Director

President and Head of School Tyler Hodges announced Peter Verhoef as the next Head Swim Coach and Aquatics Director for The Bolles School on November 26, 2018.

“With Peter’s outstanding experience as a coach, mentor and athlete, I know he will continue the many proud traditions and successes of the Bolles swimming and diving teams and Shark's program with courage, integrity and compassion,” Hodges said.

Verhoef brings with him a wealth of experience in national, international and Olympic competitions. During the past three years, he has earned acclaim as a Senior Coach and High Performance Director for SwimMAC, a globally competitive swimming program in Charlotte, N.C. There, he worked with the Senior 1 program – a group that includes the highest performing 15-18 year-olds – and also directed the program’s age 15 and over programs from state to national levels. Senior athletes from SwimMAC have achieved positions on the USA National Junior Team, won Junior National Championships, and recorded the highest number of scholastic All-Americans of any program in the country. Prior to that, Verhoef assisted in coaching SwimMAC's Team Elite program for Olympic level athletes from 2010-16. During this time, Team Elite athletes combined for a total of nine gold, four silver and one bronze. Throughout his tenure at SwimMAC, Verhoef helped guide strategic decisions including staff development, growth, team culture, member relationships and more.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of an internationally known swim program like Bolles and to work with young men and women to help them achieve their best level of success,” Verhoef said.

One of Verhoef’s many objectives with SwimMAC, which he looks forward to bringing to Bolles, is an emphasis on a culture of unity among the coaches and student-athletes in order to promote long term development of excellence in competition and beyond.

Prior to SwimMAC, Verhoef was the Assistant Head Coach for Men’s and Women’s swimming at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina, coaching elite swimmers from 2013-15. In this role, he experienced all facets of leadership from the pool deck--including coaching, recruiting, scheduling, compliance, administration, travel and outreach. During his tenure there, Verhoef greatly contributed in assisting the team to win the 2015 NCAA DII Championships for both the men’s and women’s teams.

As a student-athlete, Verhoef found success in the pool and classroom at the University of Georgia where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration and double majored in Management and Management Information Systems in 2007 from the Terry College of Business. While at Georgia, he was a finalist at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Trials and represented the United States at the World Championships in 2007 where he also served as the Team USA Team Captain and earned a Silver medal at the World University Games in 2005. He was also the recipient of UGA’s Jeff Poppell Leadership Award in 2006, among many other honors.

Jeff Pishko
Assistant Coach, Upper School

Claire Mills
Assistant Coach, Upper School

Dale Porter
Head Coach, Middle School

Megan Nagy
Assistant Coach, Middle School

Katie Adams
Diving Coach


Head Swim Coach and Aquatics Director Speaks to swim parents about the program
Interview with 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling '14 during his senior year at Bolles
Learn more about the Bolles Swim Camp experience.

Interviews with 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Murphy '13 and his mom, Katy, about their Bolles experiences

Sharks Swim Club

Sharks web site

View more info on the Bolles Shark club program HERE.

Summer Camp

  • The 2019 Bolles One Week Swim Camp sessions are available from June 9 - June 20. Register HERE.
  • The 2019 Bolles Elite Swim Camp session are available from June 9 - July 20. Register HERE.
  • Register for Private Coaching Sessions HERE.

Bolles Swimming in College

The following listing is an ongoing effort to recognize Bolles alumni who participated in swimming or diving at the collegiate level. To include as comprehensive listing as possible, please email if you or anyone you know should be listed. Please include name, year of graduation from Bolles and college or university attended.

Class Years 2011-2018


Jake Adcock University of Florida
Katherine Baker Florida State University
Edie Bates Emory University
Anthony Carbone Sewanne: The University of the South
Julia Cullen University of Alabama
Sebastian Enriquez American University
Stefanie Mendizabal University of Connecticut
Emily Parks DePauw University
Tai Tai Scherer (diving) Whittier College
Ariel Spektor University of Southern California


James Daugherty University of California, Berkeley
Eve Morel Drew University
Lexi Riley College of Wooster
Avrey Rocca Boston College
Gabi Gomez Treig Purdue University
Matt Serra United States Air Force Academy
Josie Teat George Washington University
Graham Ungrady United States Military Academy
Abi Wilder Auburn University


Dome Alcala Welter Bryant University
Manuella Andrade Florida State University
Yohann Emmert Florida Institute of Technology
Cat Gleason Centre College
Jed Henrichsen (diving) Sewanee: The University of the South
Kuba Korek Iona College
Olga Lapteva North Carolina State University
Chloe Miller Georgia Institute of Technology
Vlad Paredes George Washington University
Tyler Rice North Carolina State University
John Sakovich Loyola University Maryland
Andy Song An University of California, Berkeley
Simone Sturrup Iona College
Max Tempkin George Washington University
Wiley Watson Pennsylvania State University
Maddie Wessel Williams College


Javier Barrena University of Michigan
Caio Batista University of Missouri
Scott Bole Yale University
Joey Carbone Yale University
Hagen Dietrich George Mason University
Jake Gibbons Yale University
Jillian Glasser (diving) Brown University
Natasha Gvakharia Texas A&M University
Amelia Hartje Emory University
Maddie Hoff Air Force Academy
Anna Kassis Georgia Southern University
Annika Kollevoll Northwestern University
Max Michael Colgate University
Madison Pritchard University of South Carolina
Claire Rasmus Texas A&M University
Christi Riley Ohio State University
Kasey Schmidt University of Virginia


Britt Aubley Florida Southern
Josh Booth Auburn University
Michael Fonteno Air Force Academy
Luke Georgiadis University of Virginia
Walker Hill University of Connecticut
Jessica Hodgson Auburn University
Emily Jacobs Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
William McKinney Auburn University
Matthew McPheters United States Military Academy
Samantha Merta University of Delaware
Salem Peacock University of Virginia
Joseph Schooling University of Texas


Tove Bjork Northeastern University
Santo Condorelli University of Southern California
Kourtney Gavin  Florida Southern College
Alex Goerzen Auburn University
Emiro Goossen University of Florida
Gustavo Machado Georgia Institute of Technology
Smacker Miles University of Texas
Genevieve Miller United States Air Force Academy
Ryan Murphy University of California Berkeley
Ashley Neidigh Auburn University
Brad Stamper Indiana University Bloomington
Joao Steiner Northwestern University
Chandler Soapes Vanderbilt University
Ali Talwar Tulane University


Marina Blum Universidad Camilo Jose Cela
Teo D'Alessandro Princeton University
Savannah Fernandez Arizona State University
George Frank United States Air Force Academy
Preston Jenkins Brigham Young University
Irene Lopez Llorente Eastern Michigan University
Matheus Martini University of Virginia
Heather Nearing United States Naval Academy
Samantha Rahael Florida Gulf Coast University
Stacey Stanfield Louisiana State University
Diego Ulloa Rios Florida Southern College
Martin Smith Carnegie Mellon University


Megan Fonteno Auburn University
Colin Hamilton University of Florida
Jake Lee Dartmouth College
Alex Lundgren United States Naval Academy
Sergio Lujan Rivera University of Southern California
Patrick Murphy University of Notre Dame
Lauren Neidigh University of Florida
Paul Numbers University of Florida
Chris Sadsad University of Tennessee
Eduardo Santana University of Tennessee
Blair Schiller Arizona State University
Ellie Skinner University of South Carolina
Eric Vanden Noort University of Pennsylvania

Class Years 2001-2010


Ashley Butler Florida State University
Inaki Campos Rider University
Brian Forte Florida Atlantic University
Nelle Glasser University of Florida
Tommy Gutman University of Arizona
Will Hartje University of Pennsylvania
Taylor Josserand University of South Carolina
Brian Korotkin University of Southern California
Dana Nessler University of Virginia
Aubrey Peacock University of Arizona
Danielle Risley (diving) University of Florida
Timmy Romano Florida State University
Kendall Sieron Florida State University
Carlos Sierra University of Kentucky
Oscar Solache Arizona State University
Rebecca Surratt Davidson College
Gwen Vanden Noort Indiana University


Oscar Aldabe University of Alabama
Bryce Bertoli University of Hawaii
Dani Beaubrun Florida Gulf Coast University
Jessica Eccher Vanderbilt University
Tatiana McLauchlan University of Pennsylvania
Kyle McVeigh College of William & Mary
Caitlin Mumford University of Pennsylvania
Casey Sandlin Florida State University
Kylee Talwar Rice University
Laurie White University of Pacific
Liz Wilner University of South Carolina


Wade Blom Washington and Jefferson College
Rodion Davelaar University of Florida
Jimmy Gaston University of California, Santa Barbara
Pink Kinanti University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Byron Plapp United States Military Academy
Jowan Qupty University of California, Irvine
Tori Richmond University of Tennessee
Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or University of Arizona
Isabelle Vandenbroucke Columbia University
Yuankai Wang Purdue University
Anna Vanderpool Wallace Auburn University
Branden Whitehurst University of Texas


Nathan Andrepont Seton Hall University
Katie Casey Notre Dame
Cassie Craddock University of Alabama
Rebekah Epley University of Florida
Caitlin Geary Auburn University
Bobby Guntoro University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Michael Hulme Ohio State University
Melissa Jamerson University of Missouri
Ling Ling Jong University of Massachusetts
Alex Martin University of Florida
Anna Sonstegard Dartmouth College
Sarah Sykes University of Florida
Ericka Totten University of Arkansas
Robin-Lindsay White Pepperdine University


Travis Bishop Arizona State University
Meghan Casey University of Notre Dame
Mimi Chovanec University of Maine
Shaune Fraser University of Florida
Travis Forte Florida State University
Kelly Gillis Clemson University
Ashley Iselborn Catawba College
Brittany Johnson University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Way Joe Lee Georgia Tech
Mike Lewis Virginia Tech
Coral Lopez University of Florida


Adam Adams (diving) Clemson University
Matt Brock Syracuse University
Tracey Cannon University of Rhode Island
Scott Drews University of Texas
Laura Hanson University of New Orleans
Mikey Larmoyeux University of Georgia
Michelle Lowry University of Denver
Erin Phillips University of Delaware
Yi-Khy Saw University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Yi Ting Siow University of Wisconsin, Madison


Peter Apol Florida Atlantic University
Anja Carman Southern Methodist University
Stephanie Carr University of Georgia
University of Arkansas
Mallory Deighan University of South Carolina
Chris George University of Pittsburgh
Carly Hensel University of South Carolina
Alejandro Lopez University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Katherine Maaske Syracuse University
Kathleen McGraw Georgia Institute of Technology
Heather Roffey University of South Carolina
Kathryn Skaggs Florida State University
Morgan Sonstegard Southern Illinois
University of Minnesota
Kunakorn Yimsomruay University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Emma Alanís Florida International University
Blake Dickson University of California, Berkeley
Gabriela Flores Silva Southern Illinois University
Susan Gilliam University of Michigan
Amanda Rice University of Wisconsin, Madison
Abigail Strang University of Notre Dame
Kathryn van Houten Florida International University


Damian Alleyne University of Georgia
Briley Bergen Southern Illinois University
George Bovell Auburn University
Lauren Duerk Auburn University
Laura Hanson University of New Orleans
Emilio Perez Montero Southern Methodist University
Rebecca Johansson University of Wisconsin, Madison
Cara Manlandro Georgetown University
Patricia Villarreal Vargas Texas A&M University


Brielle Adamovich United States Naval Academy
Rawson Glover (diving) University of Texas
Annie Moore Virginia Tech
Tiffany Moore Texas A&M University
Miguel Mendoza University of Georgia

Class Years 1991-2000


Lukas Anderson University of Virginia
Janelle Atkinson University of Florida
Jenna Bridges University of Virginia
Elizabeth Campbell University of Connecticut
Brandon Cover University of Georgia
Melissa Deary University of Southern California
Cerian Gibbes University of Florida
Ramon James University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Alex Lim University of California, Berkeley
Brent McAuliffe University of Georgia
Matthew Obringer University of Notre Dame
Jessica Perry Clemson University
Taylor Ruby University of Connecticut

Ryan Murphy"Bolles prepared me as well as any high school could have. I am realizing more and more how lucky I was to attend Bolles and to be a part of the Bolles family."- 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Murphy '13

Joseph Schooling
"I'm happy that I've had the opportunity and the privilege to come to a school like Bolles. I would recommend this school to anyone."- Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling '14