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Start Dates/Coaches

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Upper School

The following are the official 2018-19 practice start dates as listed by the FHSAA. Some Bolles teams may start later; please check with the respective coaches.

Fall Sports

Sport First Practice Coach
Football July 30 Wayne Belger
Cheerleading July 30 Larry Hoggard
    McKenzie Bera
Cross Country July 30 Tony Ryan, Girls
Mike Rivera, Boys
Golf July 30 Trey Leonard, Boys
Debbie Caruso, Girls
Swimming & Diving July 30 Peter Verhoef
Girls' Volleyball July 30 Maddie Lee
Crew (fall club) July 30 Chris Register

Winter Sports

Sport First Practice Coach
Basketball, Girls October 29 Kelly Stevenson
Basketball, Boys November 5 Jason Hughes
Soccer, Girls October 22 Matt Tracy
Soccer, Boys October 22 Jim Lieb
Wrestling November 12 Matt Morris

Spring Sports

Sport First Practice Coach
Baseball January 28 Mike Boswell
Softball January 21 Tom Collins
Track & Field January 21 Dan Dearing
Boys Weightlifting January 7 Kevin Fagan
Crew (spring) January 21 Chris Register
Tennis, Girls January 21 Danielle Wiggins
Tennis, Boys January 21 Matt Andre
Lacrosse, Boys January 28 Mike Mulvey
Lacrosse, Girls January 28 Kristin Kelly

Athletic Director: Matt Morris, 256-5076

Middle School

2019-20 Fall Sports

Sport First Practice Coach
Cheerleading 8/5  Morgan Redding
Cross Country-Girls 7/29 Tony Ryan
Cross Country-Boys 7/29 Mike Rivera
Crew 9/3 Chris Register - Boys
Katherine Changes - Girls
Football 8/5 Tom Collins
Golf-Girls 8/12 Debbie Caruso
Golf-Boys 8/6 Trey Leonard
Swimming and Diving 8/12 Dale Porter
Volleyball 8/12 Natalie Blackwell

2018-19 Winter Sports

Sport First Practice Coach
Basketball-Boys 10/29 Sean Mullings
Basketball-Girls 10/23 Natalie Blackwell
Cheerleading 10/29 Morgan Redding
Soccer-Boys 10/23 Mike Akabekjan
Soccer-Girls 10/23 Reggie McAfee
Wrestling 11/12 Matt Morris

2018-19 Spring Sports

Sport First Practice Coach
Baseball 1/28 Matt Denmark
Crew 8/27 Chris Register
Lacrosse-Boys 1/28 Mike Mulvey
Lacrosse-Girls 1/28 Lauryn Ochs
Softball 1/21 Jen Marees
Tennis 1/21 Matt Andre
Track and Field 1/21 Sean Mullings

Athletic Director: Matt Denmark, 732-5710