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Message from the Capital Campaign Chair
C. Daniel Rice '80

Over the past two years, the Board of Trustees, School Leadership and a Strategic Planning Committee made up of faculty, staff and alumni have collaborated to create a strategic plan and campus master plan that are making a profound impact on our School. Today, we celebrate another phase that brings a vital part of this strategic vision closer to reality.

Our vision is to enhance our current swimming and diving facility into what would be known as The Pinnacle of Aquatic Excellence — mirroring our superior swim program known among the elite both nationally and internationally. The program has achieved 17 national titles and has trained 59 Olympians who have garnered 20 medals, including 12 gold. The international reputation of Bolles swimming has assisted our institution in the growth of our boarding program. This program includes students from 26 different countries — providing a diverse and rich culture of learning for our students.

The new facility will provide our student athletes, their families and coaches with a premier facility, including: a Myrtha pool; a new 3-meter diving well that will enhance college recruitment opportunities for our divers; and a larger stadium that will give Bolles the ability to host larger competitions and provide a more spirited and competitive atmosphere. The facility also will include additional training equipment, an expanded training room and much more.

I hope you will join me in supporting this historic endeavor through your own five-year pledge while continuing to support The Bolles Fund annually. With your support, we can make All Things Possible for our Bolles community for generations to come.

— Dan Rice ’80
Chair, Capital Campaign