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Tuition and Financial Aid

We are delighted your family is considering a Bolles education for the upcoming school year. Since 1933, The Bolles School has continued to raise the bar as one of the region’s most extraordinary places to live, learn and develop individual student strengths. We have every hope your family will discover the same kind of excitement we in the Office of Admission have when we arrive on campus each day. Our admission directors can help answer any questions about our educational offerings, programs, people and All Things Possible approach to an independent school experience.  We are committed to shepherding you through the process. Whether you want to learn more about how Bolles can help your student advance their unique interests or simply how to best manage the admission process, we are here for you.

We know families consider many factors before applying to Bolles – and financial aid options are among the most consequential.  It is our sincere hope your outcome in this process is an appropriate grant that helps your student get to Bolles – and helps you feel financially confident about it. Our Financial Aid Committee is tasked with receiving, reviewing and distributing financial aid resources each school year. This is a meticulous process based on very tangible measures and specific variables. It is the committee’s goal to maintain a consistent and equitable policy of financial aid fund dispersal. While it is an important part of the admission process, it does not need to be a daunting one. It is structured to give all students a better opportunity to thrive at Bolles.

We are here to help! The Financial Aid application process is well outlined and user-friendly. You can discover much of what you need to know on this page. But do not hesitate to ask for direction. You may contact me at or the Bolles Financial Aid Office at

We look forward to working with you!


Kila McCann
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Affording Bolles: A Discussion About Financial Aid