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Students Host First-Ever Virtual Coffeehouse
screenshot of coffeehouse

On May 15, Bolles students hosted the School’s first-ever Virtual Coffeehouse, a historic event that drew more than 1,000 views and accolades from across the Bolles community.

Coffeehouse is a student/Bugle-managed talent show of sorts that provides an opportunity for students to perform in front of their peers. Usually held on-campus, the event faced new challenges this year with the “safer at home” quarantine standards in effect.

“It was 100 percent a first for us,” said Anna Jacobson, Bolles journalism teacher and faculty sponsor of Coffeehoue and the Bugle student newspaper, which plans the event. “Bugle has weekly editorial meetings and when we went to distance learning, our first meeting was all about how we had to be flexible but how we could also keep traditions that are important to us. While the kids were initially skeptical, as part of a lesson on how journalists respond to crisis, I had them watch Jon Krasinski’s SGN YouTube series – they watched Krasinski’s prom episode on their own and got inspired by his format that combines recorded videos with livestream interviews and an idea was born.”

Coffeehouse hosts Gabriel Bassin '20  and Soraya Rafat '20 rallied the student performers. Thomas Keaveny ’21 was the event technical maestro. Students practiced almost every day after school for a week and had dress rehearsals to make sure the event went smoothly.

This year’s Coffeehouse performers included faculty performers:

Maggie Vance and her husband performing with student Jake McGraw '21

Joe Tepas and his son

Meredith Mormann

Daniel Austin

And student performers:

JPaul ‘20 and Ella Schellenberg '21

Natalie Rudzinski '20 and her brother Peter '30

Soraya Rafat -20

Julian Morris '20

Sam Levin ‘20

Olivia Landolfo ‘21

Su Ertekin-Taner ‘21


Bassin made the intro and outro videos with the help of his little sister Isabel ’24.

The Bugle class had a design competition for the t-shirt sold during Coffeehouse to raise money for Feeding Northeast Florida.

“They took it and they ran with it! I am so proud!” Jacobson said.

To watch Coffeehouse 2020, visit this link here.