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2019-20 Upper School Clubs and organizations

Club Type President Co-President Faculty Sponsor Mission
American Sign Language Club Special Interest Fapianey Alexandre   Abby Sanders To educate people about American Sign Language and deaf culture, to increase accessibility on campus and to give people the opportunity to connect with deaf citizens
Amnesty International Club  Service Soraya Bata   Danton Kostandarithes To fight for international human rights and to support the organization of the same name
Angels for Allison Service Catherine Kunz Hadley Ropp  Jimmy Lyons To support the local charity of the same name that helps provide money for funerals to families who have lost a child
Animal Abuse Awareness Club Service Summer Elsafty  Katherine Beltz  Joe Tepas To raise awareness of animal cruelty, support organizations that are trying to prevent abuse and to promote a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle
Art Club Special Interest Brielle Bouchard    Tiffany Gonzalez To promote the love of art and to create art installations for the Bolles School.
Baking Club Special Interest Patterson Guyton   Allison Chandler To inspire and teach students about culinary arts
Big Heart Bulldogs Service Thomas Keaveny   Kristin Hong To spread awareness for organ and blood donation and to help with fundraising for the Katie Caples Foundation
Black Student Union Special Interest Taiwo Sogbesan   Ryan Brewer To educate people about the treatment and life experiences of blacks and other minorities. To promote diversity and cultural understanding.
Bolles Foster Closet Club Service Mack Chamberlain   Beth Curran To help Bolles students positively influence the lives of children and teens in foster care. This club is affiliated with the national organization, Foster Closet.
Bolles Go Green Special Interest Gentian Fairman Taylor Ford Jeff Creter To educate both lower and upper school students on refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling plastics
Bolles Pre-medical Society Special Interest Nia Patel   Jennifer Willis To improve the knowledge of health and illness.
Books Across Borders Service Lara Morello    Nancy Hazzard To engage others students to share in the good fortune of our education with the less fortunate children of Fiji
Care for Kids Service Dahlia Kirov    Janice Fluegel To help kids both in and out of our school through mentoring, providing support to resource centers and helping in educational activities. This club is affiliated with MARC and Connecting Thru Music.
Cars for Concern Special Interest Trey Zaccour    John Bowling For students with a common interest in cars to come together. We will learn about cars and provide outreach to various local charities.
Characters for Care Service Emily Lekas    Dawn Roland To raise awareness about kids with special needs and to participate in events for them while dressed in character costumes.
Chess Club Special Interest Henry Li  Caleb Cohill  Jim Lieb To introduce Bolles students to the game of chess
Chinese Club Academic Jiaju (Jason) Du    Rothschild To promote the Chinese language and culture
CISV (Childrens' International Summer Village) Club  Special Interest Jakhye Wilkins    Anna Jacobson To educate the students of Bolles about CISV's core goals and values, and to utilize our privilege through community service opportunities
Civil Discourse Club Special Interest Matthew Keller    Chris Gebauer To allow a place for students to discuss issues and events that occur in our society with the goal of increased understanding
COED Guatemala Club Service Madi Zintsmaster  Sophie Mitchell  Erin Duchanois / Allison Chandler To help educate children in Guatemala by raising funds and awareness for a child's schooling and supplies. Money will be donated to the COED organization.
Dancing with Love Service Kenny Sogbesan   Angela Blackledge To provide the community extra support and positive influence in their lives through dance and to expand the love of dance.
DIPG Ellie Club Service Mila Kavalieras Danya Rukab  Chris Gebauer To help fund cancer research, specifically for DIPG, and to educate people on incurable diseases that affect children and devastate families
Dreams Come True Service Haley Bowmaster    Cormac O'Riordan To help raise funds to send a child with a very serious medical condition on a trip or the help make a 'dream' come true. This club is affiliated with the non-profit of the same name.
Environmental Club Service Rishi Misra    Andrew Dickson To raise awareness about environmental issues
Free and Equal Club Special Interest Alice Creed    Anna Jacobson To spread knowledge and awareness of current issues such as human rights, diversity and social justice
French Club Academic Soraya Bata  Gabriel Bassin  Sara Phillips-Bourass To celebrate French culture and language and to encourage others to appreciate foreign languages.
Future Swimmers Service Zach Makari    Steven Stam To raise funds for and awareness of the financial burden of proper swim lessons for some. We will be supporting the local Aqua Swim School.
Gay Straight Alliance Special Interest Brenna Hughes    Jackie Reinschmidt /  Michael Corrigan               To create a safe place for LGBTQ students and their allies to gather and maintain a support group. We hope to foster acceptance and compassion.
GenWow Special Interest Lindsey Blisko    Laura Lane To empower all women and provide a forum to discuss gender-biased issues. This group will be affiliated with the parent group of the same name.
Giving Grand Goods: Community Hospice Service Jiani (Jenny) Dong    Jennifer Stover To provide students with an outlet  for being compassionate while improving the quality of life for Hospice residents
Healthy Hearts Club Service Abigail Lynch  Caitlyn Boyer  Dawn Roland To raise awareness towards this country's number one and number five killers - heart disease and stroke. We will be supporting the American Heart Association.
Hearts for the Arts Service Jake McGraw    Laura Rippel To raise money that would benefit public schools who have had their arts funding cut
Hearts for the Homeless Service Julie Mas  Andrea Ashchi Brad Bullington To raise awareness of the homeless situation in Jacksonville and to directly help. We will be raising funds for, prepping, and for those interested, delivering food to area homeless.
India Club Service Charu Chaturvedi  Trisha Chakravarty  Janice Fluegel To spread the culture of India by holding events celebrating Indian culture
Interact Club (Rotary) Service Brody Grasher  Luke Selmont  Katherine Moody  To provide service to the community wherever there is a need. This club is affiliated with the Rotary Club of San Jose.
Japanese Club Academic Jose Lopez    Mrs. Braren To promote the Japanese language and culture
Jax Thrive Club Service Audrey Cheng  Yasmine Chahlavi Nancy Hazzard To support refugee / migrant children and to assist in their acclimation into new schools. This club is affiliated with the local club of the same name.
Jewish Student Union of The Bolles School Special Interest Joey Morris    Cheng Mae Rothschild To strengthen Jewish identity, build Jewish pride and provide an opportunity for Jewish learning and interaction between and among all students of the upper school.
Kids 4 Cures Service Avani Bansal    Adriana Stam To find ways to support children fighting cancer at the Pediatric Hematology Oncology Division of Nemours Children's Clinic
Latin Club Academic Yash Gulani    Meredith Kendall / Jeff Yeakel To promote a more thorough knowledge of Classical life, history and literature
Magic Club Special Interest Zachary Cheung    Beth Curran To spread joy and entertainment through magic.
Magic of Music Club Special Interest Katie Fites Olivia Landolfo Jeff Creter To bring people together who love singing or playing music. We will then raise awareness and support for schools in need of funds for instruments.
McKenzie Club Service Brooke Geddes   Allison Chandler To motivate young people to reach their full potential and discover their purpose in the world. This club is affiliated with the McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation.
Minecraft Club Special Interest Colin Duhnoski   Cole Rutkowski Mike Rivera To inspire students to express themselves creatively and uniquely in a new medium. We will prompt the diversity of structures and designs, and learn about several architectural styles.
Mock Trial Club Special Interest Telvia Perez    Andrew Dickson / Kim Dividu To increase student awareness of Mock Trial, to expose students to different areas of law and to explore how to voice opinions through civil conversations.
Natural Disaster Relief Club Service Anna Whelan  Samantha Josephson Mike Rivera To help those affected by natural disasters by supporting the Direct Relief Foundation
Operation Smile Service Richa Goel  Maya Thomas  Brad Bullington To contribute to the nonprofit of the same name whose goal is to provide surgical services for children suffering from cleft palates or cleft lips
Outdoor Club Special Interest Will Camp  Nate Drew  Brett Moyer  To cultivate an appreciation for the outdoors and address environmental issues in our community.
PedsCare Club Service Maya Gopal    Adriana Stam To raise awareness and care for the terminally ill youth in Community Hospice. This club helps give support and resources to patients and family members affected. This club will be affiliated with the local Community Hospice chapter.
Project Downtown Jacksonville Service Ozair Khawaja  Satvik Kuravi  Daniel Ferrari To serve the community of Jacksonville one meal at a time. Members meet every Saturday to make sandwiches and other food items that will be handed out to the homeless in downtown.
Ronald McDonald House Club Service Meghan Shaffer Val Correa  Carrie Ezzell To support our local Ronald McDonald House whose mission is to support the health and well being of children facing serious illness
Run Life Special Interest Mayank Nihalani  Maxine Montoya Steven Stam To bring runners of all levels together to share information, form an intentional bond around their preferred activity and to volunteer together at local charity races
Save Our Seas Service Halle Gold  Mitchell Henshaw  Daniel Ferrari To help protect our oceans/beaches and the creatures living there through the support of rehabilitation centers and beach clean-up, among other things.
Service Through Sports Service Hayden Coddington    Jeff Yeakel To foster a love of sports both at Bolles and in the greater community 
Spanish Club Academic Gianluis Hernandez    Carrie Ezzell / Monica Wilinski-Hodel To inform people about the Hispanic culture and to give them a chance to help those in need
Surfing Club Special Interest Jack Clark    Jeff Yeakel  To spread our love of the beach and surfing. We will educate the member on proper beach etiquette and help our less experienced members learn to surf.
Surfrider Club Service Nicholas Lee  Christopher Lee Joe Tepas To clean our local beaches and ocean environments and to support the national organization of the same name
Team Ryan Service Laura Perry Hunter Dixon Laura Lane To honor the memory of 5th grade student, Ryan Perry, who passed away in 2012 by supporting the Jax Humane Society and the Baptist Children's Hospital
Wolfson Children's Hospital Service Adarsh Aratikatla Javier Neret Beth Morgan To support the mission of Wolfsons Children's Hospital and to establish a relationship with their programs so that interested students may be provided the opportunity to shadow doctors 
Young Democrats Club Special Interest Richa Goel Gabriel Bassin Jennifer Gomez To provide representation on campus for students with similar views, to educate the student body and to encourage young people to vote
Young Republicans Special Interest Aurora Bernhardt    Beth Stone To inform interested students about issues in our country and the world while being respectful of varying beliefs
Young Voters of America Special Interest Stone Henderson    Danton Kostandarithes This is a bi-partisan effort to inspire high school students to become more involved in politics and the voting process.
Video Production Club Special Interest Danis Khizriev  Abby Lynch  Gloria Wood To help students learn how to create and edit high quality videos. We will teach the students how to work as a team in creating meaningful videos with relevant content. 
Vox (Poetry) Club Special Interest Ashley Khoo  Christina Deeb  Anna Jacobson / Beth Curran To promote both spoken and written poetry in the Bolles Community and to raise awareness and donate money to the Youth Crisis Center of Jacksonville