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Student Council Events

On Saturday, our Bolles Varsity Baseball team played the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Hugh Donovan Field on the San Jose Campus. Our Students wore their colors and came out in full support of their team. While we are still counting donations, we believe our students raised approximately $2,000 during the game in support of new lights for their baseball field. Following a fun-spirited game, students hosted the team, parents and other supporters to a post-game meal in the Canteen.

On Wednesday, March 14, students were invited to gather on the River Campus at 8:50 a.m. for 17 minutes. Student leaders read the names of each Marjory Stoneman Douglas victim at the top of every minute for a full 17 minutes. At the conclusion, a student played “Amazing Grace.”

On Friday, March 23, the Student Council will host a “Walk Into Activism” event during Activities Period in the Reflection Garden. We plan on hosting the following booths:

  • How to Affect Change in a Democracy: This will give students the knowledge and tools to reach government representatives to express their political views and effect change.
  • Rock the Vote: A City of Jacksonville employee will host this booth to help students sign up to vote.
  • Support for Mental Health: A Wolfson Children’s Hospital Behavioral Health Department Official will host this booth.
  • The Impact of Philanthropy: In addition to giving students the opportunity to donate to the Parkland Fund, this booth will display photographs and biographies of the victims.
  • 17 Acts of Random Kindness: This booth will give students the opportunity to brainstorm 17 different Acts of Kindness they will pursue in the coming weeks. They will also be able to write reflection letters and create bracelets that include a “Message of Strength.”
  • The Power of the Snuggle: Therapy dogs, always a hit with our students, will host this booth to provide unconditional love.

Ann Maris Walton '18
San Jose Campus Student Council President