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Spanish Exchange

(Travel and host every year)
Bolles began an exchange with Colegio San Agustin (CSA) in Madrid in 2010. A group of CSA students visit in January with a group from Bolles visiting Madrid in March/April. During this exchange, Bolles students spend approximately two weeks living with CSA host families, attending classes and visiting Toledo, Segovia and Madrid.

This exchange is open to Bolles students in grades 9-12 are studying Spanish. The program seeks motivated students who are in good academic standing and are socially and emotionally ready to spend two weeks abroad. This is a two-way exchange, so participating Bolles families will host a Spanish exchange student for two weeks.

Hosting CSA Students

These students are selected from a pool of 75-80 applicants who are very interested in learning more about American culture and language—so don't worry if you don't speak Spanish! They speak English!

The host family is responsible for providing a room for the visitor, three meals a day, transportation to school —and an “American family" experience, whatever that means in your family's life. In other words, the “guest" becomes a family member and should be treated as such.


The application asks a number of questions about you and will help us work with CSA to make as close a match with your exchange student. The exact price will be determined by the cost of airfare and the total number of students who enroll.

Many factors are taken into account during the selection process including: level of and number of years studying Spanish; interest shown in the culture and in using the language; and feedback from teachers, advisors and coaches who fill out a short recommendation form.

Please remember travel will be during the school year. Students may miss up to five days of school and other activities. Please check your family and school calendars to verify the trip will not conflict with major arts productions or sporting events.

While we will not exclude a student solely on the basis of inability to host, willingness to host a student will be taken into account when applications are reviewed. We understand that there are students who will not be able to travel to Spain but would still like to take part in the experience. These students will still have the chance to host a student.

Our international exchanges are truly wonderful and lead to many life-long friendships. Apply today to begin your experience!

Student Testimonial

“Eleven students from Colegio San Agustín (Madrid, Spain) arrived in Jacksonville to stay with students from Bolles for 12 days…They had multiple conversation sessions with classes at both the Upper and Middle School Campuses. At these sessions the students were able to talk one on one and learn about each other's lives. Including how they get to school, what the common meal times are, and what they do for fun…When it was time for our new friends to leave, no one wanted them to go. Then we were reminded that the adventure continues in Madrid during spring break."Linae Parkinson '14

Spanish Exchange