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Japanese Exchange

(Travel and host every year)
The Bolles Japanese Exchange program is with Keio Senior High School in Tokyo. Bolles hosts Japanese students for three weeks during February, and Bolles students have the opportunity to travel to Japan during the summer for three weeks. This exchange is open to all students taking Japanese. Due to the nature of this exchange program, students will travel unaccompanied to and from Japan. However, a Bolles teacher will be in Tokyo for assistance if needed during the exchange.

Bolles students travel to Tokyo, attend classes at Keio and live with the host families for three weeks. The hosts provide room, board, transportation and entertainment for their guests. The visiting students pay for their own personal expenses. Participants are also expected to host a student from Keio during their visit to Bolles.

Student Testimonial

“The Japanese exchange program was a very uplifting and cultural enriching experience. Not only did I value the companionship of Nahoko, but we also taught each other much about our respective languages. Although there was some degree of a language barrier, it was fun, albeit difficult, to translate much of what was being said between my family and Nahoko…In all, I'm very happy I did the exchange program, and I can't wait to go to Japan this summer.Aaron Berhardt '13