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French Exchange

(Travel and host every other year)
The Bolles School has been involved in exchanges with French schools since 1990. In 2018, students participated in an exchange program with Lycée Fénelon in Clermont-Ferrand. This truly transformative experience creates many life-long friendships and improves students’ abilities to speak and understand French!

The exchange takes place every other year: Bolles next hosts students from Fénelon in April 2020. Then Bolles students travel to France for two weeks in June 2020.

We would like to emphasize the idea of exchange with this program. While a student will not be excluded based solely on the ability to host, willingness to accommodate a French student will be taken into account when reviewing applications. Students who cannot travel to France this time but would still like to take part in the experience will also have the chance to host a student.