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Chinese Exchange

(Travel and host every other year)
Bolles and Qingdao Tourism School in China began an exchange program in 2009, enhancing the relatively new Chinese curriculum at Bolles. Qingdao students visit Bolles in January and February every other year, and Bolles students visit China during the summer the following calendar year. Bolles students will travel to China June 2019 and host in January/February 2020.

Bolles Students will travel in June 2019 and host in January/February 2020.

During this language and cultural exchange, available for any student in grades 9-11, Bolles students spend approximately 20 days in China with Bolles faculty member chaperones. For the first week, students attend classes at our sister school in Qingdao put their Mandarin to use in everyday settings, and get to know Chinese teenagers. Students live with host families from our sister school for this first part of the trip. Then the group travels to Xi’an and Beijing to visit historic sites and to participate in cultural activities.

Chinese Exchange