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International Programs

Due to COVID-19, our international programs and travel opportunities are on hold.
"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

Coordinated through the World Languages Department, Bolles students continue to experience the world through exchange programs and study abroad opportunities in distinctive locales throughout Europe and Asia. World language and cultural immersion, as well as safety and security, are priorities as students' understanding of how different people work, believe and approach their daily lives is broadened through these rewarding and numerous experiences.

Bolles shares exchange programs with schools in France, Japan, China, and Spain. Students have the opportunity to host visiting students as well as travel to these countries, expanding their knowledge of these languages and cultures. The programs are open to students in grades 9-11 except for the Spanish exchange program which is open to 9th-12th grade students. Any 9th-12th grade students can host visiting students for any of the programs.

Chinese Exchange

Chinese exchange participants

Hosting Students

Student group photo

Japanese Exchange

Japanese exchange participants

Additional Volunteer Trips

Spanish Exchange

Spanish Exchange participants

French Exchange

French Exchange

Benefits of participation in exchange programs:

  • Each participant has the opportunity of full immersion to practice the target language
  • Students develop global perspectives and leadership skills that give them a competitive advantage in college admissions and future endeavors
  • Students have the advantage to earn a ½ non GPA credit
  • Each Bolles exchange program provides a unique educational environment that inspires intellectual curiosity and promotes global understanding in our students
  • Students have the opportunity to meet teenagers from other countries and build life-long friendships

For questions or details on Bolles’ International Programs please contact International Program Coordinator, Kristin Hong.