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Student Government Constitution


Section 1. All legislative, executive, and judicial powers granted by the administration to the students shall be vested in the Student Government.

Section 2. All legislative powers granted to the student shall be vested in the Student Council. The administration and/or its delegates have the power to veto legislation of the Council.

Section 3. The Council shall consist of 28 representative members, elected from his or her respective class. The class presidents, class representatives and a representative from each residential campus shall serve as members of the Student Council.There will be one president per class and 7 senior representatives, 6 junior representatives, 5 sophomore representatives, and 4 freshmen representatives.

Section 4. The Executive Officers of the Student Council are a) president, b) vice president, c) parliamentarian, d) sub-committee chair, e) secretary

Section 5. The Chair of the Honor Council shall serve as an ex-officio member of Student Council with privileges of voting and participation in discussions.He/she is not eligible for elective office of the Student Council.

Section 6. Any student may attend the Council's meetings and may speak if recognized by the Chair.

ARTICLE II - Elections

Section 1. Elections for Student Council representatives shall take place at the end of both semesters.Elections for class presidents will be held at the end of the first semester. Students who are running for class president or representative shall provide the Director of Student Activities with an application and speech by the specified deadline. No late paperwork will be accepted.

Section 2. a. Students who are elected to Student Council are required to attend one leadership retreat within the year that they hold office.

b. Students who are running for class president for grades 11-12 are required to have fulfilled one of the following in their high school careers:

1. The student must have held an office in his or her class, or

2. The student must currently hold or have held the position of president in an active club, or

3. The student must have been a chair or co-chair of a major school activity.

c. Students who are running for Student Council president must have completed two prior semesters of service on the Council. The president of the Senior Class may not serve as president of the Student Council.

d. Students who are running for Student Council vice president, sub-committee chair or parliamentarian must have completed two prior semesters of service on the Council.

Section 3. Students who are running for any position must have and must sustain the following criteria:

a. A "C" average or better
b. No Honor Court offenses
c. No Disciplinary Committee offenses
d. Academic eligibility
Any student who violates the above conditions during his or her term of office shall be removed from office and will not be eligible to run the following semester.

Section 4. Students who are running for Student Council or class representative will give pre-approved speeches prior to elections at a mandatory class meeting unless there are the exact or fewer number of candidates as there are positions. Voting shall take place following the speeches.If absent, that student's speech will not be read but their name shall remain on the ballot.

Section 5. Student Council Executive Officers shall be elected by the Council by secret vote. They are to be elected in the order presented in Article 1, Section 4. All executive positions last for one semester.

ARTICLE III – Position Responsibilities

Section 1.The duties of the president of the Student Council are a) to act as chair of all meetings, b) to appoint all committees, c) to supervise all Student Council activities, d) set the agenda, e) toparticipate in the annual Ring Ceremony, f) to have the tie-breaking vote.

Section 2. The duties of the vice president of the Student Council are a) to act as chair in the president's absence, b) to work with the Club Coordinator to submit reports on all chartered studentorganizations, c) to act as chair at all meetings of the Club Presidents Organization.

Section 3. The duties of the secretary of the Student Council are a) to record and publicize all official actions of the Council, b) to keep readily available a list of all current legislation of the Council. A rough draft of the minutes must be given to the Director of Student Activities by Wednesday.

Section 4.The duties of the parliamentarian of the Student Council are a) to act as the source authority on matters of parliamentary procedure, b) to take attendance at all Student Council meetings, c) to maintain a list of Student Council members' participation in activities.

Section 5:The duties of the Sub-Committee Chair of the Student Council are a) to oversee the sub-committee meetings, b) to manage sub-committee projects, c) to maintain budgets and facilitate payment for projects.The Chair will not serve on a sub-committee.

Section 6.The Council may impeach an officer with a majority vote. At the following regular meeting the officer may be removed from his office by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Council.Good cause for the expulsion must be clearly stated in the indictment and recorded in the minutes. Dismissal from office, as a result of impeachment or of failure to meet academic or absence standards, as defined in the Student Council Constitution and Bylaws, shall be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting.

Section 7. The Director of Student Activities and the administration hold the right to expel any member of the Student Council for good cause.

Section 8.Upon the removal of a class president or representative from office, the remaining president and/or representatives from that grade shall nominate an individual to fill the position until the end of the term. To be appointed, the nominee must be approved by Student Council with a two-thirds majority vote and must meet the qualifications requisite for all members as stated in Article II, Section 3.


Section 1. The Student Council shall have the power to a) appoint all other members of the student government, b) maintain a court system, c) charter and /or revoke student clubs and organizations, d) make all laws necessary to carry out any portion of this constitution.

Section 2. The following documents are of this constitution and are to be treated as such: a) the Bylaws, and b) the Student Honor Code.
Section 3. This constitution and its subsidiary parts may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Council after being available to the school public for the period of one full week.