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Information and Application

Deadline for submission of application for courses for the 2021-2022 school year is April 14, 2021. No late applications will be considered. 

Please be sure to read the following important information.
  • Eligible students are sophomores, juniors and seniors with a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Some GOA courses carry Bolles prerequisites.
  • Students will be expected to spend five to seven hours per week on a GOA course.
  • Sophomores are required to have a study hall assigned to dedicate to this work. Juniors must have a free period or study hall in their schedule. Seniors are required to have a maximum of 5 additional classes and a minimum of 4 additional classes, 3 of which must be academic classes. 
  • Each GOA member school has a limit to the number of students who may be enrolled in a GOA course in the first round, and as a result, students may be waitlisted.
  • GOA courses will fulfill elective credit requirements, but they will not count toward the graduation requirements for core courses.
  • Once a Bolles student’s application has been approved, our GOA Campus Director will enroll the student or waitlist the student. The Campus Director will also inform the Registrar and the student’s academic advisor of the status.
  • GOA tuition fees are covered by Bolles. As a part of the GOA course enrollment agreement, students must commit to completing the entire term of the course. If a student drops a GOA course prior to completion, the $500 registration fee will be billed to the student’s account.
After applying:
  • Students will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their GOA course application.
  • Students will hear back within two weeks whether they have been approved to enroll in a GOA course.
  • Upon confirmation from the student and parent, Bolles will enroll the student in the approved GOA course.

Apply Here