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The Bolles School is pleased to offer additional courses through a partnership with Global Online Academy (GOA). GOA’s mission is “to empower students, teachers and leaders to reimagine learning to thrive in a globally networked society.” Taking additional courses through GOA allows students to dive deeper into specific areas of interest or learn about a topic they have not been exposed to before. GOA provides students the opportunity to work virtually alongside teachers and peers around the world.

Common Questions
Who is eligible to take a GOA course?
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a 3.0 cumulative GPA and above. 
What GOA courses are available to Bolles students?
Please click HERE for a listing of all the GOA courses available to Bolles students. Some GOA courses have Bolles prerequisites, which are noted in the course catalog.

Are there any GOA classes Bolles students may not take?
Please review the GOA course catalog for the GOA courses available to Bolles students. Note that Bolles students may not take GOA Geometry nor GOA Psychology as we offer both courses at Bolles.

How much time will I need to spend per week on a GOA course?
In a typical GOA course, students can expect to dedicate five to seven hours per week to their coursework. This cannot all be done in one sitting on a weekend. Students will need to log in to work on GOA approximately five to seven times per week. Each class has a calendar that indicates course expectations and assignments. Click HERE for more information.
GOA students and teachers are around the globe. What is the calendar year used and how do we communicate across time zones?
GOA has three terms each academic year. Term I runs from September to December. Term II runs from January to April. Summer Term runs in June and July. (Summer Term tuition is not covered by Bolles.) For specific dates, click on the Course Catalog link below and review the calendar at the end of that document.
The courses are a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This means that while some of the coursework will be done on your own, there also will be involvement that is via Skype or another online platform where you will interact with the class, the teacher, your group or your partner. Teachers post schedule options for students to coordinate their times of availability.
How much does it cost to enroll in a GOA course?
GOA tuition fees for Terms I and II are covered by Bolles. As a part of the GOA course enrollment agreement, students must commit to completing the entire term of the course. If a student drops a GOA course prior to completion, the $500 tuition fee will be billed to the student’s account.
Bolles does not cover tuition fees for Summer Term. Families will make payment to GOA directly.  
Will GOA courses count as an elective?
GOA courses will fulfill elective credit requirements, but they will not count toward the graduation requirements for core courses. In other words, you cannot take a GOA social studies as the third social studies class required for graduation.

Will GOA courses count towards my GPA?
GOA courses taken during the academic year (either fall semester, spring semester, or year-long courses) count towards a student’s GPA. GOA courses taken over the summer do not count towards the GPA.

Will GOA courses appear on my transcript?
GOA courses taken during the school year will appear on the student’s transcript. GOA courses taken over the summer will not appear on the transcript. Students will receive a separate transcript with their GOA course, similar to if they had done another summer program. Bolles can send the GOA summer transcript with the Bolles transcript when the student applies to college.

How do I apply?
  • Review the GOA course catalog.
  • Talk to your advisor about whether a GOA course would be advisable, including your reasons for wanting to take a given course.
  • Complete the application form, including the required essay.
  • As a courtesy to your teachers, you should let them know that you are applying to take a GOA course and that they will be asked to complete a recommendation form.
When is the application deadline?
Deadline for submission of application for courses for the 2021-2022 school year is April 14, 2021. No late applications will be considered. 
What happens once I have submitted my application?
A committee will review all applications. Once a Bolles student’s application has been approved, our GOA Campus Director will enroll the student or waitlist the student. The Campus Director will let the student know and will also inform the Registrar and the student’s academic advisor of the status.
If my application is approved, how does this fit into my Bolles schedule?

The GOA class will be considered one of the Bolles student’s courses during the applicable semester. Therefore, sophomores must have a study hall in their schedule to dedicate to the work for the course. Juniors and seniors must have a free period in their schedule to allow for the course.  

Seniors enrolling in a GOA course must have a maximum of 5 additional classes and a minimum of 4 other classes, 3 of which must be academic courses. Seniors are cautioned to consider overall load and to take into account the Bolles requirement that seniors be enrolled in of a minimum of 5 classes per semester. As GOA courses do not begin until September, if the student should want to drop the GOA class for some reason, the semester-long add period for a Bolles-based course will have passed and the student would not be able to pick up an additional Bolles-based course. This would then put the student below the required number of courses for graduation.