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This is Bolles: Marie Claire '29
girl with ukulele

This is Marie Claire '29 and she is in the third grade on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus. She has enjoyed learning to play the ukulele in Stacey Posick’s music class and “Uke Crew” for the past four years Lower school is a wonderful time to explore new artistic pursuits. On the Ponte Vedra Beach Campus, students attend music and art classes throughout the week and also perform onstage in George Hall. The Uke Crew, in particular, is a fun place to learn and shine. Marie Claire brings her light and love for learning to other areas of campus as well. Teachers say she has a smile on her face every morning when she comes to school and “brings positive energy to our classroom.” A hard worker who always has something insightful to add to group discussions, Mary Claire also enjoys reading is a very creative writer. This student represents some of the important strengths students learn at Bolles: communication, creativity, kindness and cheerfulness. #ThisIsBolles