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This is Bolles: Josh Pearson
josh pearson

This is Josh Pearson, he’s a science teacher on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus and the father of five Bolles “lifer” students, past and present: Emmy ’19, who is studying public relations at the University of Maryland, College Park; Kallie ’21; Jessie ’23; Jack ’26; and Charley ’29. Now that’s a Bulldog brood! So, of course, we had to know – what teaching skills he has learned as the father of five? And how has he integrated them into his classroom experience? Here’s what he taught us: “Flexibility, conflict resolution and time management are three skills that I have learned as a father of five and they have proven to be equally effective tools in the classroom.  As a teacher, I have a vision of how a unit should go. But many times, the timing of that vision must be altered due to an unplanned special convocation, a lack of student understanding of a concept or weather event.  Having flexibility makes changing my plans less stressful.  My classroom is based on a collaborative learning approach, and whenever you put a group of students together, there is going to be conflict.  Helping students navigate conflict, not only helps move the learning team forward, but also sets them up for future conflict resolution on their own. Finally, as a father of five, I often have more tasks to get completed than time to do them.  Figuring out how to prioritize tasks in the time given, and then trying to model that for students sets students up for success in the future.” This is what life’s all about, applying your own lessons and experiences to the benefit of others. #ThisIsBolles