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This is Bolles: Ford Milne '21
shot put guy

This is Ford Milne ’21. His family has been on the Bolles scene for generations – many Milnes and Risleys have been on the Bolles parent, grandparent or school leadership front over the years, and cousins and a sister have paved the way before him. Now it’s Ford’s turn to leave his mark on Bolles as he wraps up his junior year and looks toward his senior year. Ford tried track and field for the first time last year after putting basketball on the backburner. The shot put has become one of his favorite athletic pursuits and Ford focused on the event much more this year. Football, however, is his favorite athletic activity at Bolles and he has enjoyed working with Coach Toblin. Off the field, Ford was challenged and inspired by history teacher, Cormac O’Riordan. #ThisIsBolles