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Safety and Wellness

Providing a well-balanced school life for students is vital to our success. At Bolles, students have the resources, tools, guidance and support they need to take all interests and passions to the highest heights. All the while, this pursuit of excellence occurs within the framework of a long-established Honor Code: “I will maintain my self-respect and respect for others. I will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do.”

Safety is paramount at Bolles. Our first priority is to ensure all students, faculty, staff and guests feel secure on our four campuses. Security personnel are employed on each campus and strict visitor policies are in place. The Bolles Director of Security works with school administrators continuously to enhance our school-wide Crisis Management and Communications plan and monitor the physical facilities on each campus. Should an emergency occur, School leaders utilize an an emergency messaging system to detail the situation and provide necessary information.

Bolles provides a nurturing environment that allows our students to pursue their dreams.

Bolles does not tolerate bullying. This zero tolerance policy, paired with deliberate messaging about important life lessons, allows us to provide a high quality, safe educational experience for each child. We educate children academically, physically. and socially. Faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students develop social skills, keep and sustain friendships and make value-centered, responsible and independent decisions that embrace diversities.

If a student is having difficulties in the classroom or with something personal, Bolles has skilled professionals on staff to offer assistance or just a listening ear. Learning Specialists are available for every campus and can be extremely helpful to both students and families. Guidance Counselors on each campus also offer character education programs and services to help guide students down the often difficult path of maturing.

All of these lessons are taught through the filter of The Bolles Way: Pursuing excellence through courage, integrity and compassion. This is not just a motto, but a way of life that permeates every aspect of the School. It is these many pieces, along with many more, that bring a nurturing environment to Bolles that allows our students to pursue their dreams.

The Bolles School takes very seriously any report or incident of bullying, harassment, discrimination or retaliation. If you witness any type of harassment you may report the incident by completing the Safe Reporting Form. Reported allegations of harassment will be investigated promptly by the campus head or his/her designee.