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Introducing… A Portrait of a Graduate

The Bolles Portrait of a Graduate captures the skills, knowledge and behaviors that students will consciously pursue through their PreK-12 Bolles experience. A Portrait of a Graduate also provides students, faculty and parents a shared vision and language for the desired outcomes that are fostered during their time at Bolles. Through the development of these traits, students will establish the foundation for The Bolles School mission and core values.

The School is proud to share our “portrait” and would like to recognize a dedicated committee who has worked tirelessly for more than a year to complete this mission. The project was led by Associate Head of School Mike Drew, with the following co-chairs: Andrea Benitez, Anne Fallon, Jackie Willingham and Piper Moyer-Shad ’91.

Committee members included:

  • Twyla Ashman
  • Michael Bachman
  • Bitsy Body
  • Lillian Bruns
  • Erin DuChanois
  • Gabi Fudge
  • Chris Gebauer
  • Carolyn Houston
  • Christina Karvounis
  • Trey Leonard '05
  • Ed Martin
  • Mark Meyers
  • Meredith Mormann
  • Liz Mundin ’91
  • Kathy Rawlins
  • Peter Verhoef
  • Beth Zerkowski