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Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus

The Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus is a nurturing and inspiring enclave of learning for students in grades Pre-K through 5. Located on a high bluff overlooking the St. Johns River and situated under a lush canopy of mature oak trees, the campus has a village-like ambiance that promotes Bolles’ community spirit from a very early age. Established in 1981, the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus features classroom buildings for every lower school grade level. In the science lab, students explore the wonders of science. There are frequent visitors…eggs, chicks, butterflies…who help add excitement to the rigorous curriculum. Students spend quality time playing outdoors every day. Modern playground equipment on the campus shows the school’s commitment to physical exercise and activity as a means of building strength, confidence and motor skills. The Arnold Family Outdoor Learning Center (The "Treehouse") was designed to hold an entire class of students to provide an inspiring, fun environment for learning. A visit to the Copeland Library provides new resources, research and a daily passion for books. The School’s youngest students learn and grow in the Pre-Kindergarten building overlooking beautiful vistas of the St. Johns River.

Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus

The 52-acre Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus had its beginnings in 1925 as the San Jose Hotel. In 1933, the riverfront hotel became Bolles Hall when The Bolles School officially opened as a boys military school. Campus facilities have expanded exponentially since then. Bolles Hall now provides provides resident housing for up to 90 boarders, as well as updated and technology-friendly space for classrooms, meeting areas and office space on the first and second floors. Many buildings have been constructed on campus over the years including Ulmer Hall, Schultz Hall, Swisher Library, the Bent Student Center, Davis Gym, Cain Gymnasium, the McGehee Auditorium and the comprehensive Cindy and Jay Stein Fine Arts Center, which includes the Lucy B. Gooding Gallery, Lynch Theater and several art studios and music rooms. Athletic facilities used by students of all ages are included in the San Jose Campus offerings including the JD Collins Stadium at Hugh Donovan Field, Skinner-Barco Stadium and George H. Hodges Field, the Bent Tennis Complex, the McKenzie Wilson Softball Field, the Peyton Boathouse and Rice Family Crew Complex, the Tarver and Uible Pools, among many others.