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Just five miles to the northeast of the Upper School San Jose Campus is the Middle School Bartram Campus. Built on 24 acres along Pottsburg Creek, the school resembles a small college-like setting. Bolles is the only independent school in the area with a separate campus for students in grades 6 through 8. The middle school was formerly recognized as Bartram School for Girls, but became part of Bolles in 1991. Students enjoy an independent lifestyle walking from class to class through the beautiful gardens. Students explore new interests in the Betsy Lovett Arts Center, the Pratt Library, the Conroy Athletic Center and Tarver Hall science and technology center, along with classrooms wired for technology use in the classroom. Students here are allowed to grow at their own pace and around their own age-groups as they learn responsibility, decision-making and time management and explore All Things Possible with their peers.