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Ottenstroer Fellowships

The Ottenstroer Fellowships identify and reward excellence in teaching at Bolles by providing opportunities for professional growth among faculty. Funded by a grant from Duane and Sue Ottenstroer, the fellowships are awarded annually to members of the Bolles faculty who have had a significant impact on the learning process and have a plan for future improvement. Interested candidates prepare an application describing a project to be funded by the fellowship, usually for summer study or research. Ottenstroer Fellowships are available to teachers at every grade level, and the recipients are chosen each spring by an administrative selection committee.

2020 and 2022 Ottenstroer Fellowship recipients with Duane and Sue Ottenstroer

2020 and 2022 Ottenstroer Fellowship recipients Wendy Miller, Michael Lipp, Kim Wingo, Janet Robinson, Brittany Hetland and Laura Ropp with Sue and Duane Ottenstroer and Chris Ottenstroer Fairman '85

Ottenstroer Fellowship Recipients


  • Mark Meyers, Japan and Korea: Where Traditional and Modern Cultures Collide
  • Sara Phillips-Bourass, Senegal as a Window on West African Culture and La Francophonie
  • Dan & Lara Tamblyn, Where Do You Find Math? Finding Math in the Natural World
  • Kimberly Thomas, The Contribution of Indigenous North Americans on Modern Art
  • Beth Zerkowski, Expanding the Impact of Robotic and Programming at the Lower School Level


  • Jon Ezzell, Chemistry and Industrialization in Ireland
  • Chris Gebauer, Traveling to Japan to enhance World History & World Religions courses
  • Sara Heninger & Brittany Hetland, Exploration of South America: Bringing Back the Five Senses of Argentina to the Classroom
  • Meredith Mormann, Studying Vivaldi in Venice: Pre-Modern Music for the Modern Singer
  • Kaki Movsovitz & Jeni Strain, Pathways to Peace, Visiting the United Nations, Ireland and Switzerland
  • Adriana Stam, Language and Culture Immersion in Peru: An Exploration of Peruvian Culture,Incan History and Quechua Communities
  • Savannah Wood, Understanding Heritage Spanish Speaking Through Coursework in Salamanca, Spain


  • Trey Leonard, A River Runs Through It: The Bolles Way
  • Jesse Myers, Film Screenwriting and Production
  • Kathy Rawlins, Enhancing the Lower and Middle School Learning Support Programs


  • Michael Lipp, Bolles TEDx: The Great Physicist...Live! - A study of Galileo Galilei in Florence, Pisa, Rome and Venice
  • Wendy Miller, Kim Wingo, Early Education in Finland: Joy of Learning Together
  • Jennifer Moore and Andrea Benitez, The Library as Window to the Self and the World - a tour of Scandanavia
  • Janet Robinson, Touring the UK in the context of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”
  • Laura Ropp, To Walk Where Heroes Walked — a Tour of Denmark


  • Summer Anderson, Broadening the Scope of Chemistry: Bringing Cultural Connections & The Big Bang to Bolles. Travel to Geneva, Switzerland to visit the CERN Supercollider, the largest hadron-collider in the world
  • Jeff Creter, Transcendentalism & Romanticism Through Yoga in Nature – Travel to Banff, Canada
  • Carrie Ezzell, Immersion in Spanish Language and Culture, Travel to Peru and Bolivia
  • Michael Fritton, El Ingenio Workshop, Barcelona, Spain
  • Nancy Hazzard, The Bolles Cypress Swamp Nature Preserve: Refurbishment and Rejuvenation


  • Michael Bachman and Carolyn Houston, Created The i-Lab on the Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus: Exploring, Engineering and Experimentation
  • John Bowling, Keeping it Real: Engaging STEM Students for Success in the 21st Century
  • Beth Curran, Wellness Initiative: Promoting Poetry at Bolles to Enhance the Academic Experience
  • Daniel Ferrari, Challenging Existing Historical Norms: An Exploration of Rome
  • Christina Karvounis and Stacey Posick, Created The i-Lab on the Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus: Innovate, Inspire and Imagine


  • Jill Bobbitt and Dawn Collins, Traveled to Finland to see firsthand what makes their schools some of the best in the world.
  • Anna Jacobson, Created Pilot Program to Facilitate Transition for Students New to Bolles Upper School
  • Piper Moyer-Shad ’91, Anatomage Table Training and Curriculum Development Initiative
  • Adriana Stam and Jennifer Gomez, Wellness Initiative: Finding Balance in Life Through Yoga, Mindfulness and Self-Reflection.
  • Beth Zerkowski, Expanding Cultural Understanding Through Music


  • Andrew Dickson, Attended Italy-based AP Summer Institute (APSI) in Art History
  • Shelly Lenhart, Brittany Hetland, Kathy Bole and Melissa Nicholson, Attened the Teachers College Summer 2016 Institute for Reading and Writing at Columbia University of New York.
  • Michelle Mas ’84 Bartram, Researched the creation of a Makerspace for the Whitehurst Campus
  • Kari Terry, Kathy Newman ’86, Teresa Hudson and Karen Stephens, Attended the Florida Kindergarten Conference
  • Jeff Yeakel, Traveled to Greece and captured video footage of historically significant archaeological sites, buildings, art and artifacts.


  • Don Bied, Growth of a Teacher and Painter, Attend a week long summer school session at the Tate Museum in London, England
  • Allison Chandler, Cuba Now: A Visit to Cuba
  • Michael Fritton, Wanda Fritton and Susie Kissinger, Attended The Habla Teacher Institute
  • Wendy Miller, Cathy Stupski and Kim Wingo, Attended the Summer 2015 Institute for Reading and Writing at Columbia University in New York
  • Aaron Walsh, European Investigation


  • Mary Ann Blackwell, Visited World War Battlefields and bring back pictures and experiences to classroom
  • Pamela Clubb, Established the Writing Studio on the Upper School Campus
  • Rad Murphy ’05, Installed an Aquaculture System at Marine Lab on Upper School Campus
  • Meredith Sitz, A Celto-Roman Research Experience
  • Jeni Strain ’98, Attended Oxford Teacher Seminar for Literature


  • Carmen Adair, Developed an E-pal Program for International Student Connections
  • Dr. Danton Kostandarithes, Developed Flipped Classroom Pedagogy
  • Kathy Rawlins, Attended the Columbia University Reading Writing Workshop Summer Reading Institute.
  • Sally Stock, Attended the Lower School Writing Program: National Writing Project


  • Jill Bobbitt and Laurie Braddock, Piloted the use of iPads in first grade class, particularly in the areas of reading and writing.
  • Anne Fallon and Melissa Williams, Created the Parents are Great Educators, Too. (PAGE, TOO) program
  • Steve Lazaraton, Discover the Origin of Chemical Elements by Venturing onto Volatile Volcanoes
  • Pete Montes, Developed a resource database for all Spanish teachers leading up to the new AP Spanish Language Exam that will be given starting in 2014.
  • Sarah Schaefer, Investigate Singapore Math for the Upper School


  • Carolyn Houston, Lower School Outdoor Garden Project
  • Dr. Jim Lieb, Investigated the field of plasma physics by attending the European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics.
  • Moya Marks, Lower School Foreign Language Instruction Investigation
  • Maggie Vance, Researched, developed and implemented a plan to expand personal knowledge of musical instruments as related to the middle school music program
  • Gloria Wood, Created an online library of video tutorials that walk users through various functions of programs that educators use most frequently


  • Allison Chandler, Asia for Educators—a U.S.-China Education Council Program
  • Beth Curran, Cambridge Teaching Seminar
  • Jim Smith, Teaching Survey of Museum and Art Educators to improve teaching, New York and Amsterdam
  • Beth Stone, History and Origin of Major Mathematical Discoveries in the Greek World
  • Kristin Wilson, Nambia: Great Cat Conversation


  • John Bowling, Creating Advanced Programming Modules to Demonstrate Application Development for the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Susan Castelli, Writing and the Environment: A Supplemental Curriculum Unit for Middle School English
  • Piper Moyer-Shad, Leadership and Character Development Initiative
  • Laura Ripple, Retracing the Steps of William Shakespeare
  • Cheng Mei Rothschild, Technology in the Classroom: Virtual China, Bolles Style Introduction


  • Carman Adair and Elvie Machado, Online Spanish Readiness Packets
  • Dee McGraw and Michelle Mas, Character Education Curriculum
  • Michael Mulvey, EduBlogger
  • David Zubero, Concept Mapping


  • Don Beid, Exploring the Creative Synthesis Between Digital Media, Traditional Media and Photography
  • Laura Boswell and Carol Kline, Bartram Environmental Initiative
  • Robin Gioia, Challenging the High Ability, Lower School Student
  • Ginny Greenland, iPod Tour and Podcast of Ancient Rome and Pompeii
  • Sarah Schaefer, Enhancement of Lower School Math Curriculum


  • Tory Lilley, Graduate Study in England
  • Carol Mathews, Alaska Fellowship to Enhance Marine and Environmental Biology Science
  • Meredith Sitz, Multi-media Atlas of the Trojan War
  • Jackie Witt and Gloria Wood, Developing Parent Communication Tools


  • Angela Blackledge, Cape Town, South Africa: The Beginning of Dance
  • Kersti Kelly, Jumpstart Personal Fitness
  • Moya Marks, Learning Languages through Technology
  • Meagan Mickler ’89, Traveled to Cortona in Tuscany region of Italy to study its rich art and history.
  • Mary Sapp, Science: A Way of Thinking


  • Susan Castelli, Developed a cross-curricular educational exchange and visitation with middle schools in the United Kingdom, concentrating in the areas of English and Fine Arts
  • Clare Lange, Created a multi-media technology lab in the Swisher Library to transcribe non-digital material into a digital for archiving
  • Helen Meatte, Traveled to Florence, Italy, in order to research and photograph art work to be compiled in digital format for classroom and lecture presentations
  • Pete Montes and Gloria Wood, Develop a website to share ideas and methods of instruction in Spanish. This project will create a template usable by other languages
  • Piper Moyer-Shad ’91 and Amy Strasbaugh, Traveled to the Galapagos Islands to expand their personal knowledge of the flora and fauna with the intention of including these experiences in their course curriculum
  • Jim Smith, Apprenticed at Kern Sculpture Company and Mardi Gras World to learn how to create a float, major set and large sculpture


  • Laurie Braddock, Enhanced the existing technology programs on our lower school campuses
  • Bonnie Brogle, Designed and implemented an interactive-outdoor classroom that will encourage greater student interest in the sciences
  • Laura Connelly, Created a digital imaging darkroom
  • Andrew Dickson and Anna Jacobson, Studied Classical Greek Theater through a program that took them to Greece to work with a theater company
  • John McCombs, Developed a technology integration plan, or technology map, of existing technology projects presently available in the science department


  • Ginny Greenland, Created an internet mythology reference source that allows both inter and intra disciplinary work by both teachers and students which would enable them to cross discipline in the broad field of the classics
  • Carol Kline, Created a web quest that would allow students to view images seen through scanning electron microscopes, with emphasis on critical thinking skills
  • Danton Kostandarithes and Cormac O’Riordan, Created a database/guide, which will allow teachers to become more aware of the curricula in other disciplines and so all grade teachers can cross discipline
  • Donald Mancosh, Created an environmental supplement entitled “Creek Kids” which promoted stewardship of Little Pottsburg Creek and water resources in general
  • Don Paige, Created a visual server of maps, historical images, photographs and pieces of art


  • Frank Adsit, Served as a mentor to a small group of faculty by facilitating the development of an integrated technology program based on Taskstream
  • Rachel Clifton, Pursued summer training in vocal composition, leading to the writing of several pieces of choral music performed and recorded by Bolles students during the 2001-02 school year
  • Joanne Davis, Studied academic programs, teaching methodologies, and administrative policies for Language study in elementary schools in France, England and Spain
  • Nancy Hazzard, Established The Bolles School Cypress Swamp Nature Preserve on school property
  • Richard Mischinski, Compiled an internet resource guide for the Bolles English curriculum