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Global Community

Bolles is a vibrant, inclusive community defined by a broad cross section of cultures, nationalities, faiths and experiences. Students at Bolles learn in a stimulating academic environment with a challenging curriculum that engages and empowers, promotes diversity and inclusion and supports positive participation through The Bolles Way—pursuing excellence through courage, integrity and compassion.

Bolles is not affiliated with any one religion or faith. But we believe deeply in the cultivation of ethical student leaders who respect the beliefs of their peers. As students develop aptitudes in servant leadership, they also learn important lessons in understanding what motivates others. Bolles celebrates the community's multicultural, global spirit through intentional student programs and events throughout the year. The campus-wide awareness program, “Celebrating Spirit," emphasizes the wide range of faith backgrounds within the Bolles community and helps facilitate peer dialogue and understanding. Lessons in tolerance and compassion are fundamental at The Bolles School.

Education in a global context occurs every day at Bolles. Students have opportunities for new perspectives in history classes, in the School's six world language classes and in their fine and performing arts experiences, where students sharpen their appreciation for art from cultures all over the world. Boarding students also add a rich context to classroom and residential life by sharing their international perspectives with domestic peers. In addition, Bolles students may travel and study abroad each year through exchange programs, service learning initiatives and travel opportunities. In recent years, Bolles students have traveled to China, Costa Rica, France,Guatemala, Italy, Japan and Spain through organized and faculty-chaperoned trips and exchanges.