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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Bolles Way: Pursuing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Intention

Thank you for investing your time today in what we think is one of the single most important and foundational qualities of the Bolles community – our mission to deliver a Bolles experience that is safe, inclusive and diverse. The School’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts are not just critical to a successful Bolles future. They define us today and set us apart as an institution that adapts to change, embraces multiplicity and recognizes the strength of its unique togetherness. The Bolles School is a community distinguished by its rich differences – we are a dedicated, confident community of:

  • Students, faculty and families from all over the world
  • People with varied backgrounds and distinct cultural experiences
  • And individuals with unique strengths, interests and definitions of themselves.

This is what #BollesTogether looks like on paper. But how that plays out in real, every day life here at Bolles is up to us. We have work to do if we are to raise our own bar. And your perspective and experience are exceedingly important to this work. We are fortunate to be well equipped with an institutional history of changemaking, an existing culturally diverse community and a desire to refine our practices. These strengths give us an incredible platform from which to pursue excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on all campuses. We invite you to take a closer look at the many initiatives and goals. This is exciting work and we look forward to sharing meaningful dialogue as we work together toward even greater heights of diversity, inclusion and understanding. #BollesTogether


Tyler Hodges
President and Head of School

Twyla Ashman
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Celebrating Our Community

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The Bolles School takes very seriously any report or incident of bullying, harassment, discrimination or retaliation. If you witness any type of harassment you may report the incident by completing the Safe Reporting Form. Reported allegations of harassment will be investigated promptly by the campus head or their designee.

The Bolles School is committed to diversity, inclusion and opportunity. As a place of learning, The Bolles School is committed to continuously improving our culture, curriculum and community in ways that reflect our core values of excellence, courage, integrity and compassion. The Bolles School is a community built on mutual respect, meaningful dialogue and purposeful change. Throughout this process, we are listening carefully to our students, parents/guardians and faculty/staff from the past and present to build an even more just, diverse and inclusive future for all.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Clubs
  • American Sign Language 
  • Asian Inspiration Multiplied (A.I.M.)
  • Arabic Club
  • Black Student Union
  • Chinese Club
  • CISV
  • French Club
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Hispanic Student Union
  • India Club
  • International Student Union
  • Japanese Club
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Global Connection Committee