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Dining Services

Flik Independent School Dining, a food services company specializing exclusively in private and independent school education, provides food services for The Bolles School. This partnership ensures healthy food choices for our students, access to highly trained dieticians, internationally diverse menus, payment options and significant enhancements to dining facilities on all four Bolles campuses.

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Flik's Commitment to Bolles

PVB Campus Dining

  • Specifically designed menus for Bolles' community needs
  • Vegan and vegetarian offerings
  • Food from whole fresh ingredients, with limited use of processed foods and avoiding products containing artificial flavorings, MSG, preservatives and high levels of sodium
  • Food with minimal amounts of fat in food preparations, using primarily olive and canola oils
  • Salad bar items prepared fresh on premise with low-fat dressings, cheese and yogurt available daily
  • 100 percent fruit juice, low-fat milk and water available daily
  • A variety of fruits and vegetables each day, with local farmers practicing sustainable farming methods utilized whenever possible
  • Seafood purchased in accordance with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch guidelines for sustainability
  • Meats graded "choice" or higher, and where space and facilities permit, to roast deli beef and turkey on premise

Message from Flik President Raymond Mulligan

Dear Families of The Bolles School,

Flik Logo

Flik Independent School Dining is proud to be the dining service provider at The Bolles School. We are the market leader in independent school dining, currently serving almost 160 prestigious private and independent schools. Our successful partnership with independent school communities is based on our mantra Eat.Learn.Live.

Simply Eat.Learn.Live. is our commitment to the Bolles community. Every day we provide wholesome nutritious meals, prepared from fresh ingredients, which fuel the minds of your students. We go above and beyond foodservice by offering nutrition education programs that enable students to make healthy choices on a regular basis. By providing wholesome nutritious meals in conjunction with nutrition education, we’re equipping them with the tools they need to live a happy, healthy life. The trademark of our dining program is reflected in Our Commitment.

Being ever mindful of the cultural and dietary preferences of a diverse student body, faculty, and staff, our menus are created exclusively for each location by the onsite management team. Our Nutrition Specialist and Corporate Executive Chef review menus and provide culinary and dietary expertise so that students explore diversity through foods and learn the importance of making healthful choices.

Please visit us at to learn more about our mission, programming and commitment to social responsibility. You will be interested to know that cage-free eggs, rBGH free milk, sustainable seafood, poultry produced without the routine use of human antibiotics, and local produce are an everyday occurrence on our menus. Menus can be seen weekly at and we encourage you to check back often to stay updated on information on our Resources page. We are proud to be a part of The Bolles School community and to make a difference in your students’ lives!

Raymond Mulligan
President Flik ISD

Allergens and Special Dietary Needs

It is recommended that students requiring any special dietary needs related to food allergies, celiac disease or severe intolerances should consider introducing themselves to the Chef Manager. While all food service associates have been trained on food allergies and celiac disease, the Chef Manager is the best equipped person to assist with any special dietary requests. More detailed information related to food allergies or special requests can be found below: