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Whitehurst Coaches Take PE to the Waterfront
river day kids

Students on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus enjoy a riverfront experience daily – including sweeping views of the St. Johns River and fresh breeze off the water. During the past two weeks, they have also been able to get out on the river thanks to the careful, creative planning of campus PE coaches.

Coaches Leonard and Gafford have been overseeing an array of watersports and activities from the campus dock and waterfront facilities including kayaking, canoeing and pedal-boating. Called River Day, the PE lessons have been ongoing since early-April. The response from students has been very favorable, and all have enjoyed experiencing one of the city and School’s greatest natural resources up close and in-person.

Students also have begun swimming in the new Tarver Pool as part of their PE rotation. Have fun making a splash in your PE lessons, Bulldogs!