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Victoria for Bolles Latin Students at Forum
students in toga

Bolles welcomed nine First Coast schools to the Upper School San Jose Campus February 2 for the 54th annual Region 3 Latin Forum. The event was a Bolles family affair with dozens of Bolles parents, faculty and alumni volunteering to help, proctor and judge at the annual competition.

Students of Bolles Latin faculty Ginny Greenland, Meredith Kendall and Jeff Yeakel excelled in more than 40 academic, artistic and athletic events on campus – each spotlighting the Latin language and the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome.

Participating students represented a wide range of Latin study levels, from Grade 7 Latin IA to Latin V Honors. For many of the competing students, their awards reflect hard work and improvement from last year’s event.

Under the leadership of Latin Club and Region 3 Consul Noah Silverstein ’19, the board of student officers, which includes Sadie Craddock ’21 and Rishi Misra ’20, completed several projects to complement the event’s success. Misra went on to stand successfully for 2019-20 Regional 3 Proconsul, or vice president.

With a bittersweet thank you, the teachers recognized Noah’s parents Michael and Sandy Silverstein, for completing more than a decade of service as head parent coordinators.  This was their last Forum and their hard work, pride and concern for others exemplifies The Bolles Way, leaving the organization even better than they found it when their oldest son Matthew Silverstein09 was competing.

Additional highlights included: a service project that provided hand-decorated bookmarks for local senior facilities and a radio-controlled chariot race. Bolles middle school students maintained their supremacy this year, beating out five other teams to keep the traveling trophy at Bartram. For additional photos, visit our online gallery.

bolles latin students competing

Bolles students, in alphabetical order, who placed in the Latin Forum were:


Lance Adams ’233rd – Mythology I, 5th – Broad Jump;


Catherine Asbury ’24, 2nd – Frisbee Discus, 3rd – Miscellaneous Creative;


Amber Bansal ’24  3rd – Textiles ;


Darden Brown ’24,  2nd – Miscellaneous Creative, 4th – Hoplitodromos ;


Suki Burgstiner ’24,  2nd – Models and Dolichos Distance Run;


Will Camp ’21, 1st – Dolichos Distance Run, 4th – History of the Monarchy and Republic;


Piper Carriere ’20, 2nd – Nerf Javelin, 3rd – Adv. Reading Comprehension;


Matthew Chaffin ’21, 2nd – Maps, 4th – Derivatives II;


Sid Challa ’19, 2nd – Greek Derivatives and Certamen Adv., 5th – Vocabulary Adv.;


Sam Clements ’22, 2nd – Frisbee Discuss, 5th – Softball Shotput;


Emily Commander ’24, 3rd – Atalanta’s Race, 5th – Customs I;


Will Commander ’22, 4th – Nerf Javelin;


Sadie Craddock ’21, 1st – Nerf Javelin, 3rd – Mythology II, 5th – Textiles;


Ashley Crowe ’23, 4th – Mosaics and Atalanta’s Race;


Will Crowe ’22, 3rd – Drawings ;


Carter Cummings ’22, 3rd – Illustrated Notebooks;


Aidan Curran ’23, 3rd – Classical Geography I/II and Games;


Amelia Dickson ’23, 2nd – Broad Jump, 4th – Miscellaneous Creative;


Atticus Dickson ’22, 2nd – Mythology II and Classical Geography;


Rhett Dickson ’20, 2nd – Frisbee Discus;


Atlantic Diebenow ’23, 5th – Frisbee Discus;


Alexandra Drum ’243rd – Frisbee Discus, 4th – Pottery and Sculpture;


Luke Dunn ’20, 4th – Latin Literature ;


Ann Lowery Eyrick ’245th – Models ;


Bear Fender ’21, 5th – Frisbee Discus;


Hill Flannigan ’22, 1st – Nerf Javelin;


Elise Fong ’20, 1st – Illustrated Notebooks ;


Campbell Ford ’23, 5th – Drawing;


D’yasia Ford ’22, 5th – Nerf Javelin;


Savannah Friedlin ’20, 4th – Charts and Posters, 5th – Nerf Javelin;


Kara Gavin ’205th – Nerf Javelin;


Vivien Gibbons ’244th – Customs I;


Ryan Gibbons ’214th – Broad Jump;


Abby Gratz ’23, 2nd – Atalanta’s Race, 3rd – Paintings;


Ben Gratz ’23, 2nd – Games, 3rd – Greek Derivatives, 4th – Atalanta’s Race;


Cameron Gratz ’232nd – Phrases and Mottoes, 4th – Broad Jump;


Yash Gulani ’20, 1st – Customs Adv. and Nerf Javelin, 2nd – Reading Comprehension and Adv. Certamen;


Max Haug ’22, 1st – Frisbee Discus;


Jack He ’21, 2nd – Boys 200 Stade, 3rd – Dolichos Distance Run;


Olivia Harris ’19, 2nd – Classical Art and Painting, 3rd – Pottery and Sculpture;


Hadley Hodge ’20, 3rd – Charts and Posters;


Max Haug ’22, 4th – Softball Shotput;


Kate Hogan ’202nd – Adv. Reading Comprehension, 4th – Nerf Javelin;


Evan Hort ’22, 2nd – Pottery and Sculpture;


Brenna Hughes ’21, 1st  – Couples Costume, 4th – Classical Art;


Lincoln Hunt ’22, 2nd – Hellenic History, 4th – Mythology II;


Allister Jones ’24, 3rd – Atalanta’s Race;


Sage Kaye ’22, 4th – Phrases and Mottoes;


Thomas Keaveny ’21, 2nd – Illustrated Notebooks;


Matthew Keller ’21, 5th – Customs Adv.;


Nathaniel Kennard ’20,1st – Boys 200 Stade, 5th – Classical Geography and Derivatives Adv.;


Christopher Kilpatrick ’231st – Costume, 4th – Games;


Luke Kobrin ’19, 2nd – Latin Literature, 3rd – Derivatives Adv.;


Catherine Kunz ’21, 1st – Dolichos Distance Run;


Patrick Kunz ’24, 4th – Maps ;


Liam Kunzendorf ’23, 4th – Nerf Javelin, 5th – Illustrated Notebook;


Virginia Kuss ’20, 2nd – Couples Costume;


Lydia Lane ’24, 4th – Painting;


Asher Levy ’24,  4th – Broad Jump;


Joe Libby ’21, 3rd – Hoplitodromos Armored Race;


Emily MacDonald ’21, 2ndDerivatives II, Drawing, and Girls 200 Stade;


Gael Malone ’24, 3rd – Nerf Javelin;


Grace Maroon ’21, 1st – Charts and Posters, 3rd – Broad Jump, 5th – Derivatives II;


Kevin McAfee ’23, 1st – Pottery and Sculpture, 3rd – Classical Geography I/II, 5th- Boys 200 Stade;


Stuart McAfee ’21, 3rd – Mosaics, 4th – Boys 200 Stade;


Andrew McLauchlan ’22, 2nd – Frisbee Discus;


Jake McGraw ’21, 5th – Mythology Adv.;


Rishi Misra ’20, 2nd – Adv. Certamen and Nerf Javelin, 3rd – Reading Comprehension, 4th – Geography;


Anne Mundin ’225th – Customs II;


Townsend Mundin ’23, 3rd – Broad Jump, 4th – Textiles ;


Kenzie Murphy ’21, 1st – Couples Costume;


Sam Nelson ’24, 4th – Model;


Connor Peyton ’24,  5th – Dolichos Distance Run;


Meia Popp ’24, 3rd – Customs I and Miscellaneous Creative;


Tyler Popp ’202nd – Certamen Adv., 3rd – Classical Geography, 4th – Customs Adv.;


Sophie Grace Posick ’22,  4th – Mythology II;


Rhett Printy ’24, 5th – Hoplitodromos Armored Race;


Anne Ruperto ’20, 1st – Reading Comprehension and Greek Derivatives Adv., 4th – Mythology Adv.;


Anthony Saleeba ’221st – Broad Jump;


Lilly Salvador ’24,  1st – Atalanta’s Race, 3rd – Models;


Tyler Schimpff ’221st – Atalanta’s Race;


Ava Sickler ’22, 3rd – Phrases and Mottoes and Models;


Noah Silverstein ’19, 2nd  – Mythology Adv., 3rd – Classical Art and Customs Adv.;


Katie Sollee ’22,  1st – Textiles and Atalanta’s Race;


Akash Sridhar ’24,  1st – Maps and Atalanta’s Race;


Everett Stiegler ’23, 3rd – Broad Jump;


Cole Vaupel ’23, 1st – Chariot, 2nd – Costume and Broad Jump;


Mac Walters ’22, 2nd – Chariot Race, 4th – Broad Jump, 5th – Mythology II;


Jack Wessell ’19, 1st – Latin Literature, 4th – Dolichos Distance Run;


Livvy White ’23, – 2nd – Textiles, 4th – Mythology I and Costume;


Madison Wilson ’192nd – Customs Adv., 3rd – Nerf Javelin;


Andrew Wohlgemuth ’23, 2nd – Atalanta’s Race;


Madison Zintsmaster ’21, 3rd – Girls 200 Stade, 5th – Dolichos Distance Run.