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Upper School Chinese Students Share Language Lessons With Whitehurst Peers
lower school chinese students

In recent weeks, a group of Chinese language students from the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus generously volunteered their time and abundant energy to lower school students in grades 3-5 about Chinese language and culture. The upper school students led their younger peers in a series of activities both in and outside their classrooms.

The opportunity for peer connection spanned a two week period, during which upper school students visited the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus during Activities period to share their love and passion for Chinese language and culture. They shared lessons in Chinese jump-rope, counting from 1 to 10 in Chinese, the “Two Tigers” song (to the tune of "Frère Jacques"), playing the Chinese drum and writing Chinese characters. The lower school students enjoyed the exchange tremendously.

The upper school language volunteers included:  

Fapianey Alexandre ’21 

Carly Black ’22 

Lindsey Blisko ’22 

Katherine Farr ’23 

Christopher Lee’23 

Jamie Lee ’22 

Andrew McGraw ’23 

Benjamin McGraw ’22 

Joseph Morris ’22 

Sofia Petrucelli ’23 

Sarah Scherkenbach ’22 

Samuel Stankard ’22 

William Stankard ’22 

Maggie Stoll ’23 

 In other news, there will be a Chinese Summer Camp offered on the Upper School San Jose Campus in the coming weeks. Please log on to for more details.  

jumping rope