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Twenty-one Middle Schoolers Published in Creative Writing Contest
screenshot of "Hunted" contest graphic

Stories written by 21 Bolles middle school students will be published as part of a creative writing contest called “SOS Sagas: Hunted.”

Hosted by Young Writers, organizers invited 10-18-year-olds to write and submit gripping, mini sagas – defined as stories told in up to 100 words – using tension, suspense and atmosphere.

Congratulations to the following Bulldogs:

Kate Bowman, “Scared”
Mamie Burkett, “Kidnapped”
Priyanka Chary, “Operation 17”
Mei Ning Chen, “Petals”
Melody Cherry, “Hunted”
Myka Das, “Humanity”
Austin Davis, “Hunted”
Troy Davis, “Hunted”
Rafael DeCarvalho, “Last Day Spent On Normandy”
Leighton Dostie, “Hide-And-Seek”
Ben Goodman, “The Hunt”
Teryn Johnson, “The Snatcher”
Imaan Khawaja, “Hunted”
Charlie Moore, “Survive”
Harper Nussbaum, “Mr. Bunny Man”
Laya Pakala, “The Howl”
Aiden Pereira, “Hunted”
Akshat Ranjan, “Five Dollars”
Thomas Rueger, “Hunter”
Ellie Shilling, “The Hunted”
Brody Wolfe, “Hunted”