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Study of All Things Presidential Continues in K-Cove
students on playground

Kindergarten students on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus have been engaged in an ongoing study of the United States Presidents this month, a lesson their teachers took outside on a bright sunny late-February morning.

The classroom extension was K-Cove, an outdoor learning space where students can rotate through different stations and participate in guided hands-on lessons. There, students applied the information they’ve been learning about the job of President, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and the names and values of coins.

During K-Cove, students worked as a team to build Lincoln’s cabin using Lincoln Logs, paint the American flag, find coins in the water table and sort them correctly and build the Washington Monument with Magnatiles. Students also participated in a Matho game, which reinforced money skills and positional words, according to teacher Kathy Newman. For example, students were asked to “find the quarter and place it in the top left box.”

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