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Students' Poetry Efforts Recognized
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Su Ertekin-Taner ’22 and Dahlia Kirov ’21 are participating in a virtual internship program with a local chapter of national nonprofit, Women Writing for (a) Change.

The community’s purpose is “to nurture and celebrate the individual voice by facilitating supportive writing circles and by encouraging people to craft more conscious lives through the art of writing and the practices of community.” The Jacksonville group is an affiliate of Women Writing for (a) Change in Cincinnatti, a diverse community of women creating change “one voice at a time.”

Both students have been active and recognized in Florida poetry circles. Ertekin-Taner was one of three champion poets in the 2020 High School Poetry Contest, presented by Florida Humanities. One winner was selected by a panel of judges, one by the public and one by the Florida Humanities staff. Ertekin-Taner’s poem, “Thief,” was selected by the Florida Humanities staff. She will receive a $500 cash prize. Visit this link to read her poem.

Kirov was the featured student poet with this group for the spring semester.

Congratulations to these students for making a difference with their voice in the realms of poetry.