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Students Enjoy Dimensional, Cocurricular Learning Projects

The 3D printers on the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus have been running hot during the past few weeks, with several teachers organizing cross-curricular projects to utilize Bolles Hall’s most popular technology resources.

Bolles Instructional Designer Gloria Wood is behind much of the action. Just before the winter break, her multimedia students finished the semester with a 3D model project. The students learned to create 3D models using Tinkercad and later printed them on the 3D printers. They created models by inserting symbols of the countries they were studying to make them “unique and discoverable,” Wood said.

“Most of my students are boarding students, and they did a great job with their tiles,” Wood said, adding one student took his home to China over the holiday to show his family. The tiles are currently on display in Swisher Library.

This month, Wood worked with Latin teacher Jeff Yeakel on a study of Classical architecture and Roman temples. Wood met with Yeakel’s class to teach them how to design structures and print them on the 3D printers.

“The students really loved the assignment and I think they learned a lot more about Classical architecture by having to build it themselves,” Yeakel said.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, students in Nancy Hazzard and Piper Moyer Shad’s Anatomy classes integrated 3D technology into their study of the heart. As with the Latin temple project, Wood instructed students on use of the printer and students worked with their course teachers to develop a project content that would help them better understand the lesson.