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Student Congress Debates Bills, Readies Online Events
students with debate teacher

On the last day of school before Spring Break, an upper school debate group ran a full Student Congress, arguing for bills and resolutions that would have an impact on the daily lives of Americans.

Students debated the Progressive Tax Bill and the Non Profit Act, according to group faculty sponsor Marie Kervin.

They ran the chamber with a Parliamentarian presiding, two Presiding Officers – Matthew Keller ‘21 and Cameron Gratz ‘23 – and Senators Sophie Grace Posick ‘22, Nilesh Patel ‘22, Pranev Kasavaraju ‘22, Christopher Kilpatrick ‘23, Edward Sun ‘21 and Tyler Schimpff ‘22.

“It was exciting to see the level of debate, academia, and formality apparent in our students,” Kervin said.

She said they intend to run more debates online over the next few weeks in order to “keep up our skills ready and take on the world next.”