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Speech Students Share Convincing Appeal for Teacher’s Donation Support
luke emily hutch

As part of the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus Speech Communications course, students researched, wrote and delivered a presentation endorsing a charitable organization of their choosing.

Students utilized the Aristotelian modes of rhetoric – logos, ethos and pathos – to provide background information about the organization, identify its mission and inform how a donation of $1,000 from their teacher, Bob Hutchings, would best be put to use in helping that organization’s social outreach. Students in the class were then tasked with voting on the most convincing presentation.

Emily Loftin ’26, who presented a speech supporting local nonprofit Angels for Allison, was the first semester recipient. Second semester students awarded the top honor Luke Meyers ’26, who advocated for his charity, Feeding America, as the donation recipient.

Hutchings said “The Charity Speech” is his favorite lesson during the course.

“It’s always refreshing to hear about the personal interest and passion that our middle school students have for a particular charitable organization,” Hutchings said.