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Sixth Grade English Program Promotes Reading by Choice
students reading

Bolles sixth grade English teachers Alicia Henderson and Joy Chatani have implemented a new grade-level reading program on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus.

Called the “Book of the Month,” the initiative is an effort to promote independent reading across several genres. Students are given the choice of two genres from which to choose a reading selection each month. Classes review the elements of that genre then provide examples of books.

The program includes a collaboration with Middle School Teacher-Librarian Jamie Sanborn.

“Mrs. Sanborn has created wonderful videos that highlight the books she has in the library that correspond to that month’s genre,” Henderson said.

This month, students are reading either a mystery of historical fiction book. Their project includes the creation of an interactive project at the end to highlight events that occurred in the novel.

“By allowing student choice in their selection of books and final project, the response has been very positive,” Henderson said, adding how much she has appreciated Sanborn sharing her library space with sixth grade readers.

student reading
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