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Salari Pursuing UF Doctorate, Featured in Dyslexia Awareness Article
teacher working with student

Traci Salari, learning specialist on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus, is pursuing a doctorate degree in special education from the University of Florida and recently was featured in a university article about dyslexia awareness.

The university’s College of Education website and official social media channels shared a story in mid-October about Salari’s experiences in teaching and dyslexia in mid-October. Salari earned a Dyslexia Graduate Certificate this spring while pursuing her doctorate degree. The college pointed to Salari as an example of teachers who have participated in the certificate program, which the college launched in 2017 to “empower educators, other related service professionals and even parents to foster the success of students with dyslexia.” The program’s goal is “to ensure all children are given the literacy tools to realize their full potential.”

The college’s online story highlights Salari’s professional background and her personal experiences helping students with dyslexia. Salari’s own son was diagnosed with dyslexia during her educational journey. Previous to her role as learning specialist, Salari was a fifth grade writing teacher. She is currently in an inquiry course and is taking the remainder of her courses to achieve her Ed.D in Special Education with a specialization in dyslexia.

In the article, Salari says, “We’re at an exciting time in education right now where brain science, researchers and educators are finally coming together and we can see the positive effects of this collaboration on our readers in the classroom. We as teachers finally have the science at our disposal and are no longer left wondering how science relates into the regular classroom to the people on the frontline.”

Read full story here under "are you a teacher" tab.