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Rome Week Seizes the Day
rome week

Latin students have quietly been celebrating Rome Week this week on the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus.

With activities a little more “low key” during a pandemic spring, students have been having Family Feud all week during Activities in the spirit of Romulus and Resmus. Latin students on both the upper and middle school campuses were surveyed for responses to prompts like “name a Roman emperor” and “what’s something a god might be caught doing?”

On April 21, the actual anniversary of the founding of Rome, students in all Latin classes enjoyed a customary birthday cake in a more COVID-friendly cupcake form.

Latin Club members who organized the event included officers Sadie Craddock ’21, Mac Walters ’22, Will Crowe ’22 and Cameron Gratz ’23 and members Davis Meux ’24, Will Moore ’22, Sophie Grace Posick ’22, Sophia Quirk ’23, Abby Radel ’22, Jacob Schreiber ’23, Tucker Sharp ’23 and Everett Stiegler ’23.


rome week
rome week