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Robotics Camp Has Designs on Summer Fun!

Robotics Camp, being held this week on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus, is helping children broaden their experience and understanding of coding and robotics. Led by Whitehurst music teacher and robotics coach Beth Zerkowski, the camp includes lessons on programming uniquely designed robots to fulfill specific tasks. They are learning programming as well as how to design and use attachments. Some of the terminology includes sequence, loops, and conditionals. Campers are using Ozobots as well as the Bolles teams’ competition Spike Primes. Everyone gets hyped when all goes according to code and plan! Some of the camp fundamentals are ones students build upon in the lower and middle school robotics programs at Bolles and later, at the upper school level. Zerkowski is hosting a podcasting camp next week. For more information on summer campus and programs at Bolles, visit