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PVB Grade 5 Demonstrates Bolles Way With Bake Sale
students selling treats

Grade 5 students on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus demonstrated philanthropy best practices on February 14 – they were amazing role models for everyone in the Bolles community! As is tradition on the Ponte Vedra Beach Campus, students hosted their annual Valentine’s Bake Sale as a fundraiser for a school gift. Working in shifts in Ponte Vedra Hall, students sold homemade Valentine treats and desserts to younger classmates visiting throughout the day. The students also considered classmates with allergies, offering a beautiful selection of gluten and nut free treats. Once fundraising dollars are counted, students will decide what kind of legacy gift they will leave for the Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus. Giving back to Bolles is important, and these students are learning how to demonstrate this early in life! For more photos from the bake sale, visit our online gallery.