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Professional Actors, Alumni Share Experiences With Students
students on zoom call

Students in Bolles Fine and Performing Arts Director Laura Rippel’s Production class enjoyed an hour-long Zoom conference with Bolles alumni and professional actors Will Ropp ’12 and Eric Vega ’10.

Both professional actors based in Los Angeles, the alumni guest speakers have achieved successful careers. Ropp has starred in several major motion pictures and projects including “The Way Back” and “Silk Road,” while Vega is a writer and content creator and also starred in award-winning short film, “Postal.”

Ropp and Vega talked to students about the differences between acting for the stage and acting for the screen. They stressed the importance of creating individualized content and shared some of their favorite parts of being professional actors.

“It was great to see them and the students appreciated them taking time to meet with them,” Rippel said. “I personally think there is no better resource for our students than alumni sharing their experiences post-Bolles.”