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Professional Actor Speaks to Middle, Upper School Students
AJ Carr with laura rippel

Professional actor and nonprofit leader AJ Carr shared a moving address to middle and upper school students during a special convocation in Davis Gym that was broadcast to the Bolles Middle School Campus. Carr is 15 years old and is on cast with the Showtime series, “The Chi.” He also has starred on “Chicago PD,” “Mercy Street” and “Atlanta.” He has received three letters of commendation from The White House and also stars in a documentary film about his life called, “AJ Carr.” Carr also founded a youth leadership and entrepreneurship nonprofit called “Building Bosses.”

Carr talked to students about how his difficult upbringing and early experiences with gun violence, poverty and homelessness influenced his desire to be a person who would accomplish big things in his life – and eventually be someone who could help others achieve their dreams through mentorship and encouragement. Students appreciated Carr’s down-to-earth rapport and asked him several questions regarding his personal preferences in food and games and his advice on breaking into an acting career.

Prior to his speaking engagement during Activities period on both campuses, Carr shared his acting and dance expertise with upper school dance and drama classes, according to Bolles Director of Fine and Performing Arts Laura Rippel.